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Let’s do the Twist (out) II!

You know, I’m learning with anything, there is a process. There is none truer statement than with my own hair. There are few things that I’ve mastered from trying  just once. Often, I’ll have to try styles or techniques a number of times to get maximum results. This holds true for most of life’s lessons — there are very few overnight miracles or one-time wonders. Practice leads to mastery.

I have tried the twist out again, but added another twist, if you may. I was experimenting again Thursday night, planning to give my hair an ultra moisture treatment and let it rest on my hair overnight. So I combined an ultra luxurious mixture of unrefined shea butter and both olive and castor oils and covered my head. My hair was moisturized all right, but it begs for moisture! Then, I got this inkling…

I added water all over to help the oil penetrate my hair shaft and decided to twist my hair again. So I did it…with a few changes… I styled it coming toward the front and added a small amount of Mizani silkening mousse, which I had not done before. It dawned on me my best styles involved some sort of holding agent so I gave it a try. I also sat under the dryer for a half hour Thursday night and a half hour Friday morning, letting it also air dry in between.

The results were beautiful! My hair had rich, defined and bold waves. I mainly stayed out of direct and harsh sunlight, even though I did go outside. My waves were still well-defined Friday night and I re-twisted them and applied just a faint amount of mousse, oil and spritzed lightly with water (I read a blog which advised re-twisting to keep style longer).

I added another step — I flexirodded my entire head of twists. I noticed my hair in some parts really lacked definitive curl on the ends because I still have permed ends in just a few spots. But this step will cure that and provide a nice wave or curl in addition to the twists. I have become quite proficient with the flexirods through practice. The soft, rodded curl these create are matchless! By the way, I style this do with my fingers — no combs or brushes are needed at all…

This is apparently my weekend to perfect the twist-out. I must tell you how this turns out with my added steps…as I remember the saying — practice makes perfect!!!

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