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A Few Steps to Gorgeous Hair

Here I go experimenting again! This week, I tried Carol’s Daughter curl defining Hair milk shampoo and conditioner. I was so excited to try this product and I must tell you, I am pleased with the initial results. As part of my overall styling routine, I noticed curlier hair than I have seen in a while.

Here’s what my routine involved:

  • Sunday night, I saturated my hair with a mixture of olive, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oil. I also added just a bit of unrefined shea butter — which my hair loves!  I covered my head and went to sleep.
  • I got up Monday morning, and mixed plain yogurt with an avocado and 1 egg and slathered richly onto my hair. I added a little more sweet almond oil. I then wet two hand towels and put them in the microwave. I placed the damp towels on my head followed by a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.
  • I rinsed out well with warm water then proceeded to use the Hair Milk shampoo. It gives my hair a good clean and one thing I can tell you, all Carol’s Daughter’s products accentuate my natural curl pattern. I lathered only once and rinsed…my hair felt clean, but not overly dry. I then put the conditioner on for about 5 minutes while a showered. Loved it!
  • Afterwards, I could see nice natural curls in my hair, but you know I had to proceed to comb and style…lol! I added olive oil and a moisturizing leave-in conditioner mixture I created, along with BB’s moisturizing foam wrapping lotion, then combed and detangled my hair.
  •  I proceeded to trim my ends as I flat twisted my hair. It desparately needed it because it was breaking off more than usual… I then used a Denman brush to smooth EcoStyler gel and BB’s moisturizing foam silk wrap onto my hair along with some olive oil. I finished this at 2pm Monday and by 7am Tuesday, my hair was all dry with no time under the dryer. Yay!!!

The results were fabulous! I noticed more curls and waves Tuesday morning than I have seen in a while. It had that freshly done tightly curled look which is all good. And two days later, my curls are holding in place with me having to do nothing but add olive oil and pull strands apart slightly. COOL!!! It’s amazing but as you go forward on this journey, much like our hair reacts when permed, I see some similarities with natural hairstyling. I can tell you when it’s time to get it done — it looks a little dull and more limp than usual. And it just glows when it’s freshly shampooed or co-washed. Amazing!

So again, thumbs up on Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk shampoo and conditioner. I will continue to use it over the next few weeks for a more thorough picture but initially, the results are gorgeous!


Let’s do the Twist (out) II!

You know, I’m learning with anything, there is a process. There is none truer statement than with my own hair. There are few things that I’ve mastered from trying  just once. Often, I’ll have to try styles or techniques a number of times to get maximum results. This holds true for most of life’s lessons — there are very few overnight miracles or one-time wonders. Practice leads to mastery.

I have tried the twist out again, but added another twist, if you may. I was experimenting again Thursday night, planning to give my hair an ultra moisture treatment and let it rest on my hair overnight. So I combined an ultra luxurious mixture of unrefined shea butter and both olive and castor oils and covered my head. My hair was moisturized all right, but it begs for moisture! Then, I got this inkling…

I added water all over to help the oil penetrate my hair shaft and decided to twist my hair again. So I did it…with a few changes… I styled it coming toward the front and added a small amount of Mizani silkening mousse, which I had not done before. It dawned on me my best styles involved some sort of holding agent so I gave it a try. I also sat under the dryer for a half hour Thursday night and a half hour Friday morning, letting it also air dry in between.

The results were beautiful! My hair had rich, defined and bold waves. I mainly stayed out of direct and harsh sunlight, even though I did go outside. My waves were still well-defined Friday night and I re-twisted them and applied just a faint amount of mousse, oil and spritzed lightly with water (I read a blog which advised re-twisting to keep style longer).

I added another step — I flexirodded my entire head of twists. I noticed my hair in some parts really lacked definitive curl on the ends because I still have permed ends in just a few spots. But this step will cure that and provide a nice wave or curl in addition to the twists. I have become quite proficient with the flexirods through practice. The soft, rodded curl these create are matchless! By the way, I style this do with my fingers — no combs or brushes are needed at all…

This is apparently my weekend to perfect the twist-out. I must tell you how this turns out with my added steps…as I remember the saying — practice makes perfect!!!

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My Natural Hair Journey in Pictures

After talking to my girl group today, I was inspired to show you my hair activity over the past few weeks! Alright here are some pix that chronicle the journy. 
 I had it flexirodded two weeks ago by a professional stylist, which lasted about 5 days. Here’s the look right out of the shop…

This is about 2 weeks ago. I went to the hairdresser on Sunday to get it flexirodded and it lasted a good 5 days, which may not be too bad for my first try. Plus, I went to sleep on it each night with a silk bonnet. Other naturals tell me I should have pinned it up and not slept on the curls, because that apparently flattens them.

Next up, this is day 2, the Monday after I got it flexirodded. 

This is the night of day 3…mom put it in bantu knots to hold curls…

This is day 4 on Thursday… keep in mind each day I’d style I’d use a light oil on my hands like Argan oil or Olive oil to style.

That Friday and Saturday I slicked it all up and pincurled it up in the back and on the sides… and had a straight bang. I had an event in Huntsville that Saturday. 

After this, I then shampooed and let my mom braid it on Sunday afternoon. The first photos are of my home braid out set. I let my mom braid and I took it apart using Argan oil on my fingertips.

The pic below shows about 5 days into it. I really liked this style and it was relatively easy. The only difference, I would have put some sort of shine agent on when we first braided it while wet on Sunday.  I also noticed the longer I went with this braid out style, which I braided each night by the way, the straighter my hair became which was kind of neat. I applied Argan oil on my fingertips as I un-braided it each day.

You know, as I write this… I see that it’s almost totally ridiculous for me to wear a wig (which I have been doing for the past couple of days after utter frustration with some of my own experiments). There may be some uncomfortable times in this natural hair journey, but I do have some style selections that I can wear.  I just need to be patient and step out, which is what I will do.

I think that’s why it’s imperative for me to write — I get to chronicle my experience and actually see the progress. And it’s therapeutic. Shall be interesting to see what the week holds for me…on this natural hair journey

Support System, Part II

For those of you concerned about going natural in the professional world, Willetta Jackson shows us another facet of a natural hairstyle. 

Support System

I’ve mentioned that having a support system is key in the “going natural” hair process. Meet two of my friends as they share why they’re on this path. Latasha Humphrey is a grad student, awesome woman and super mom. The other, Willetta Jackson, manages to hold down a family as wife and mother, while also maintaining a very successful career. Kudos to you ladies!

Never mind that this video is a little shaky… it was my first stint with the Iphone ok! I share their stories because they help me share the many facets of going natural. We’re all on a path, just taking different routes to get there.

First meet Latasha…

Don’t Try This at Home, Homie

Hated it… I think back on the comic routine on “In Living Color” where the quirky movie critics, Men on Film, rendered their hilarious opinion on various things. Well, when it comes to my homemade hair experiment, I echo their words. It was not cute in my opinion.  Perhaps because I’m not accustomed to seeing myself with curly hair and perhaps it wasn’t what I’d imagined. Either way, I need more training before I step out like that. I must admit others said nice things, but I wasn’t “feeling it.” It also marked my first experiment with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I’ll have to give it a few more tries before I actually know the effect on my hair. Here’s what I did in a nutshell with my home experiment:

I shampooed my hair on a Friday night with Creme of Nature Organic products…the shampoo and deep conditioner. Once I rinsed out the conditioner, I added the Curly Pudding and a Bronner Brothers’ castor oil leave-in conditioning creme while I put flexirods on my hair…all while wet of course. I left the rods in overnight and removed them the next morning, making sure my hair was dry…for a total of about 12 hours (I know, I have very thick hair.)  I was able to flexirod my hair after viewing a couple of tutorials on YouTube. It is definitely easy and you can get the hang of it pretty quick.

My hair definitely curled, but lesson number one — no mixing different products. The Bronner Brothers’ and Miss Jessie’s didn’t mix well and it left small flakes in my hair. That’s the first mistake. Then, the curls only lasted about a day. I believe that has to do with the fact that I didn’t use any setting lotion to hold my curls. But here’s an interesting tip — I put some sections of my hair (plaiting it, not braiding it to my help) in two strand twists and then rolled it, and this, I thought, turned out really neat. Again, it was a matter of none of this holding for more than one day.

Now keep in mind, I really like the flexirods with my straightened hair. They give it a lift and curl unlike any other rollers I’ve used. Tomorrow, I will allow a professional to either give me a straw set or use flexirods to set my hair in curls all over.

Keep in mind, I am still very  much in the experimentation phase in this hair journey, trying to find the hairstyle that works just right for me. Plus, I figure with summer coming, I’ll need something a little more low maintenance. I need more practice with styling my hair and would much rather a professional do it, but I tend to do really well maintaining it.

Pictures coming of my professional roller set…stay tuned…in the meantime, only because I’ve committed to be transparent am I even sharing pix of my own roller set. Yes, I am brave!