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My natural skin care routine

Since walking on this natural hair journey for two years, I’ve seen other areas of my life become more streamlined and “natural” if you will. Take my facial cleansing routine. For years, I invested in fade creams and many, many cleaners to maintain a clear complexion. But I would never quite maintain the mark because my skin was ALWAYS subject to breakouts.

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Well, after years of searching for the right products, I utilize a very “natural” cleaning and moisturizing method now. I alternate between black soap and a gentle apricot scrubbing facial wash to wash away makeup, dirt and other impurities. I apply almost daily a product called Nzuri… as a moisturizer following a facial cleanse. I love the way it moisturizes my skin weightlessly, and gives it an extra added glow. In fact, I’ve gotten compliments on my skin since using the product and have cut down on the amount of makeup I wear… infact, the photos in the gallery were taken with minimal makeup on, just a dab of powder, mascara and lip liner. There would have been a time I would have never done this! Nzuri gets a thumbs up. Since seeing the results on my skin I am now taking the product after each meal to help with added hair growth.  

For extra special care, I give my face added moisturize by using one of these three: shea butter, olive oil or sweet almond oil. I use store-bought clover honey for facial masks. I leave the honey on my face for at least 10 minutes and rinse off and pat my face dry.

Happy Trails, Natural Divas!



  Kayshia wrote @

Thanks Keisa!! Those oils sound lovely!

  myownhair wrote @


  Maya wrote @

Where can I buy this black soap? Is it s a particular brand? Is there a good “all natural” or healthfood type of store in Bham comparable maybe to Sevenanda in Atlanta?

  myownhair wrote @

I got it from the flea market!!!

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