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My Next FREE Natural Hair Seminar is Set


It could be my best seminar yet. As women, we talk about it. We want to know what the men in our lives really think about our natural hair. 

  • Do they like it?
  •  Do they find me more or less attractive with natural locks?
  • Or, would he prefer the sister with the chemically processed hair and if so, why?

Well, let’s talk about it. Sunday, March 27th starting at 2pm at the Homewood library auditorium, we prepare for “Men Speak on Natural Hair — A Dialogue, Celebration and Seminar.”  The all-male panel starts around 3pm at the Homewood library. In the coming weeks, I’ll introduce you to the panelists. You know, as we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, I’d say one of the most important things we can do is to love ourselves. Once you and I make that decision, others in our lives will automatically line up.

I can personally vouch for it. I love my hair, and the confidence that I exude is almost contagious. I can’t tell you how many people now comment more than ever on how attractive I look. I don’t think it’s just about the hair; rather, there’s something that happened to me when I really became authentic Keisa. It was life-changing. But it wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t easy on the road to self-love.

So, even though I love myself, and I’m asking you to do the same, I know that we do want to be in healthy and fulfilling relationships with members of the opposite sex. I am blessed to be in a relationship with a wonderfully loving gentleman who treats me like a queen. He is GOOD to me and treats me with the utmost respect. And no, I can’t claim it’s just about the hair…I’ve also read books on understanding men including”He’s Just Not That Into You” and Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” And I’ve read them multiple times and won’t hesitate to pull them out again if I need a refresher. I think this has been a key as well.

So it’s back to my motto of getting educated. I educate myself on relationships and understanding men and I accepted the ones that really didn’t like me. I stopped making excuses and that’s gotten me to the point I am today.

So, come out and let’s talk natural hair, but most importantly, let’s have a dialogue between men and women on how we can better connect. Guys , we need you and we want your support in life and on the natural hair journey. You fulfill roles that sometimes our dads missed — brothers, lovers and friends and your words mean more than you know. 

We’ll have some great dialogue and some cake too…’cause guess who’s celebrating their first year of natural freedom? Yep, yours truly!   Then, my girls of Natural Daze are also celebrating one year…so we want to give them their props as well for starting this support group. They rock!!! But you know what? SO DO YOU, natural diva!!!

See you Sunday, March 27th at the Homewood Library auditorium as I LOVE MY OWN HAIR presents “Men Speak on Natural Hair — A Dialogue, Celebration and Seminar.”  Again, it starts at 2pm and we should finish around 5pm. It’s absolutely FREE of charge of course and it’s first come, first serve.

I can’t do reservations on this one — it’s first come, first served…so mark your calendar.  Space is limited!!!



  Sherry wrote @

When is your next hair seminar near or in Huntsville or Nashville?

  myownhair wrote @

Working on that now!!!

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