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Your Local Natural Hair Stylist and Resource Guide

 I’ve had many questions asked lately about go-to stylists for natural hair. Well, in my effort to put resources in your hand to get the best care for your tresses, I want to give you a start-up guide for some of Birmingham’s best stylists for natural hair. Below, I have broken this down based on the type of style you want. Bottom line, you have options and the natural hair community is well-represented. And… this is not exhaustive! If you know of a natural hair stylist that does a great job or wants to be included…do not hesitate to write me. I am looking for other stylists to recommend to those who are taking the plunge! I will update this list periodically.

A couple of other notes on using this directory:

  • Plus, please double check with them on the styles they will do on your hair. They may be able to do more than what I’ve listed, just ask a few questions when you phone them.
  • If you have visited these stylists, please give me a rating on your experience. I believe these are a really good group of folks, but I am open to your feedback whether positive or negative.

 Ok, so here we go with our stylist recommendations and product locations.

Straightening,flat ironing, or ceramic silkening

  • Darius Peace: 205-422-5302
  • Theo Garfield: 205-930-4545
  • Brandy @ Damez Hair Studio: 205-283-2382
  • JoWanna Etheridge: 205-833-0233
  • Krystel @ Hair Spray: 205-823-7665
  • Corlisse Richardson @ Perfect Kuts and Style: 205-482-5399
  • Zach Pickett @ Nhancements: 205-902-6544


  • Sharifa Wip: 334-663-0838
  • Goldie Williams: 205-413-0928
  • Sheena Moore/Loc Oasis: 205-332-2010
  • Kelvin Thames @ Irresistible Hair and Lashes: 205-841-5274
  • Keisha @ Perfect Kuts and Style: 205-413-0868


  • Darius Peace: 205-422-5303
  • Sheena Moore/Loc Oasis: 205-332-2010
  • Brandy @ Damez Hair Studio: 205-283-2382

Rods/Twist Sets

  • Brandy @ Damez Hair Studio: 205-283-2382
  • Darius Peace: 205-422-5302

***Also, here are some places that sell natural hair products…

*Macy’s @ Brookwood: Carol’s Daughter

*Sephora: natural hair products including Carol’s Daughter


*Le Via’s in Homewood: Hair Rules, Kinky Curly, etc.

*Target: Miss Jessie’s products, Mizani Natural Hair Care, Shea Moisture, etc.

*Whole Foods: Kinky Curly, Alba and more

*Wal-Mart: Shea Butter, Alba and more

*Golden Temple on the Southside: an array of natural oils, shampoos and natural scents

*GNC: all natural oils, like Sweet Almond and jojoba oils, and vitamins

*Dollar General: Loc butters/gels, various gels including Eco-Styler, VO5, BB Moisturizing foam wrapping lotion for flat twists and Suave conditioners, etc. 

*Sally’s: various gels (Ecostyler), shampoos, conditioners and utensils for natural hair

*Ensley Beauty Supply: Mizani, IC and a host of other natural styling products and utensils


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  Jacqui wrote @

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products – CVS, Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods.

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