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What’s Your Hair Type?

I get a lot of questions from people on the natural hair journey regarding what their particular hair type is. Well, I ran across this article that will be most helpful for you in determining your hair type.

This is the system I’ve used along with countless other women. Listen, I personally don’t believe any one type is better than the other. I think you and I have an obligation to learn our hair type and also learn what products and styles suit us best. Period.

Two strand twist out

For instance, I am a Type 4b. And although I’d love to do the co-wash and go with my hair, which I can, my hair looks absolute BEST when I co-wash and two strand twist, plait or braid it even. This produces the best style for me.  Now, I’m hopeful that later I will be able to do some different things with my hair as I learn how different products work. For instance, I still haven’t given up on the co-wash and go, but, I know what I like…lol!!!

By the way, hope this article helps you!!! 

Infact, I’d strongly consider receiving future alerts from them by signing up for their newsletter. They have GREAT info for you on the Natural hair journey!

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