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My 6-week experiment w/ braids

Taking a break from work to say "cheese."

On New Year’s Eve, I had this inkling to allow my mom to braid my hair. I thought, that as I got ready to bring in the New Year, I wanted a low maintenance style to kick it with friends and fam. Well…I liked the convenience of it soooo much, I’ve adopted it for the next 6 weeks. Here’s why:

  • It’s a great protective style…with little maneuvering, I get the opportunity to give my own hair a rest.
  • It’s convenient…I tie it up at night and every few days I re-twist the top of my hair. I add a light holding agent to sides and back every few days to re-fresh it… it can be gel, or even a water and oil combo. It looks just like new all over again.
  • It’s professional and funky…at the same time… I can dress it up or down. Infact, I’ve gotten many compliments on this style… at work, church and home with friends and fam…both white and blacks say it’s cool. Interesting, but it’s all in how you wear a style.
  • I still deep condition and co-wash my hair once a week and allow my mom to re-braid it.

    Side view of braids

I will see if this makes a difference at the end of my trial. I want to see if my hair is healthier and if it grows faster. I plan to come out of this braided style by mid-February and resume my flat twist-out until May or June. Then, for the summer, I will go with a wash and go style. I’m researching and asking questions now on the best way to make this happen.

My latest protective hairstyle - braiding my own hair


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