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Protective Styles for Natural Hair

My latest protective hairstyle - braiding my own hair

Today, I’ll co-host with my friends on Nappturalite Radio the show “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” We’ll be talking tips to help protect your hair during this harsh winter weather.

I specifically will be talking about protective hairstyles. I made the choice on New Year’s Eve to allow my mom to braid my hair for at least six weeks to give it a rest, which you know is a protective hairstyle. But that’s not all that’s available. I talked with a Birmingham natural hair stylist, Sheena Moore of Loc Oasis and she gave several examples of protective styles for you to try… two-strand twists, comb coils, rod sets, pin-ups… sew-ins… Sheena describes protective styles as basically any style that keeps heat out of your hair. But, she doesn’t just recommend protective styles for the winter.  You can tune in today, starting at 5pm CST for the show for more on her recommendations.

Plus, I am re-posting some information from a story I featured just over a month ago on a couple of Web sites and articles that I thought might be helpful for those of you who want to try protective styles.

Check these out!!!

Happy Trails, Natural divas and tune in to Nappturalite radio today at 5pm!!!



  naturaleasehair23 wrote @

I haven’t seen any of your previous hairstyles, but I really love the style you created for yourself. Very professional.

  myownhair wrote @

Gracias…I appreciate that!!!

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