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Your Start up Natural Hair Guide, part II

For those on the natural hair journey, I share more tips today to make this road a success. These are simple truths that when acted on, will make for a happier natural diva. Happy Trails ladies.

  • Look at being overall more healthy as a lifestyle. Add your vitamins, including biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and B-complex. Drink plenty of water. This will help your body aid your hair in its growth and tender new natural state.
  • Keep watching on  for styles and routines — try the ones that make sense to you. If it’s questionable, do research or just reach out and ask me or other natural divas. Still to this day, I see ladies at work or on the street and reach out and ask what they do to get their style if I see something I like. Hey, I do what I have to do! LOL!!!
  • Next, I joined and am still part of support groups and natural beauty blogs. As for my support group, it wasn’t an official group I joined. I just literally saw other natural beauties at work, started a conversation and we bonded and met continually to discuss styles, routines, frustrations, etc. And we still do to this day and EACH of us is still on the natural journey, convinced never to go back to the creamy crack (ok, couldn’t resist that rhyme:). is a great Web site… and also I’m part of a group called Natural Daze. You can also join if you’d like and post questions; plus it opens you up to wisdom from lots of women who are natural or who have similar styling issues.  And I must also recommend my own site…
  • Make sure you also buy good product lines, which include but are not limited to, Miss Jessie’s, Kinky Curly, Carol’s Daughter, Jane Carter Solutions and Hair Rules. I like Carol’s Daughter personally and some products by Miss Jessie’s, but these may not work for you. Google these folks, go to their Web sites and read reviews to gather as much info as you can to make the best decision. Also visit Sephora locally for sample of some of these products to try before you buy. You could also call them directly and ask.

Next week, I’ll take a look at some styling options as I close out on the third installment of this guide.


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