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I’ve been asked a lot lately about how to get started on this natural hair journey…or just good tips to maintain course. I actually responded last night to a family member who had the same question and I thought I’d publish this for all of you who need a start-up/maintenance guide.

I’ll publish these tips over the next few days in three installments to get you started on your journey!!!

Let me caution you though — I am not a professional stylist and I am not guaranteeing any specific results. I am simply providing info from my life experience with natural hair. So I cannot promise certain results or guarantee hair growth or any of that. Please seek out a professional for guaranteed results. Again, this is to help you, but please do your own research regarding your hair.

Now, let’s begin.

1) Start with a really good trim or hair cut. You want to give your hair the very best shot at growth and this is part of it. You can do this by researching Also, it wouldn’t hurt to talk with a stylist about your hair and growing it out. But, if not, you can do some things yourself to give it the best shot at growing. I do my own hair and wouldn’t have it any other way. I read somewhere that it may take about 6 months for your natural hair to emerge and really know what you’re working with. Hopefully it won’t take that long, but the point is, you give it a little time on this journey.

2) Monitor and really baby your hair, handling it gently and adding natural oils daily, like olive, sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. Massage into scalp and apply a small amount to hair to give it super conditioning. Investigate using shea butter with these natural oils too…it may be somewhat heavy, but it’s an excellent conditioner.

3) Conditioner wash (co-wash) your hair three times a month and shampoo your hair once a month. Or you could co-wash twice a month, and shampoo twice a month, alternating each week. The main point  — don’t shampoo too regularly as it may strip your hair. Now, I must caution here…some of you shampoo daily or every other day and wouldn’t have it any other way. If that works for you…continue. But for most people, shampooing works best every other week and co-washing normally works best once or twice a week.

I normally do my hair on Saturdays, but do what works best for you. ( To co-wash, I use VO5 conditioner just like you would shampoo. Put conditioner on your hair, massaging and cleaning your scalp really good, then rinse. I normally do this twice.) For instance, I will co-wash my hair this Saturday and next Saturday, then after that, I will use Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk shampoo and conditioner. And whether I co-wash or shampoo, I always use olive oil and shea butter as leave in conditioners. Infact, I ALSO use a mixture of shea butter and olive oil (or castor oil) and sit under the dryer for 15 minutes BEFORE I co-wash or shampoo, too.

 Here’s a quick breakdown.

  •  a)Deep condition with olive oil/shea butter mix for 15 minutes under hooded dryer BEFORE you shampoo; you can also try a Hair Smoothie from Carol’s Daughter… she has Tui or Black Vanilla hair smoothies which are nice
  • b) Co-wash or shampoo hair according to above instructions
  •  c) Use leave-in conditioner after shampooing, such as an olive oil/shea butter mixture (I take olive oil in one hand and shea butter — which can be solid like shortening — in the next and rub them together to create a nice oil, then apply to hair). Carol’s Daughter also has a good leave-in conditioner spray…in Tui or Black Vanilla. They smell nice and condition hair nice too! Hair Milk is another conditioner from Carol’s Daughter that may work for you.

4) Know your hair texture or type. This will help with styling routines and product selection. Research on the web, you should easily find this info. My hair type is 4b, so keep in mind, most of the routines and products I advocate work well for my texture and I research info based on my type mainly. My hair is a more spongy, coily/curly texture. I do know that healthy hair maintenance tips, which I mainly share, work well on all hair types, though.

5) I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS advocate using wisdom over fads. If something sounds too good or even too weird to be true, don’t go there. Believe me, I’m talking from experience now. Example… haven’t you heard about the egg conditioning treatments? Just add egg, mayo or yogurt with a little olive oil and use as a conditioning mask…well, I tried this and noticed that it seemed to dry my hair over time. And that’s not all. I added castor oil to a popular brand of shampoo for African American hair and why did it burn my scalp slightly. Hmmmm….won’t be going there again.

So, yes research the ‘net and, but if it’s unconventional, do your research and hold before diving in. Ask questions and search the internet more. Read sites like, or… they tend to be sound because of being in this natural hair game over time. But still, do research and ask questions and don’t take anything at face value. Even research out the tips I’m giving you.

Remember all of this is very subjective and comes from trial and error. Plus, what works for me, may not work for you.

Installment two coming soon!!!



  Mary wrote @

Hi Keisa
I am well on journey for healthy natural hair. As I told you I have all my Carol’s Daughter products and I love the way my hair feels already.

Thank you and I will keep in touch.

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks Mary!!! Continue on my dear!!!

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