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Origins of Shea Butter and why you should care

If you’ve heard me say anything this winter, it’s make sure your hair is properly moisturized. Read any hair care tips article and it will share that same bit of wisdom!!! And I’ve been reading lately on one item that is great for those purposes for my thicker, denser hair. You’ve heard me say that Shea butter is quite a wonder, but do you know its history? Its origins are in the African Sahara Desert and making and exporting the product is an economic boom for some African women —  depending on which manufacturer you support. And did you know what difference there is between white and gold shea butter?  This article makes a very interesting read:

Yellow, or golden shea butter


I absolutely loved reading this article because now I feel empowered to make wise choices which support the African women who so skillfully make this wonderful product for my hair. Now, I’m not knocking buying the $5 product from Wal-Mart or your local health food store, but at least now you’re empowered to make more choices that not only benefit you and your hair, but the community that makes this possible for you and I!!!

Later this week, I’ll share a few more top moisturizing agents for your natural hair!

Happy Trails, natural divas!


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