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Almost ten months into this natural hair journey, and I’ve gleaned some tips along the journey that’s not just limited to natural hair.


That which is most expensive is not best. Recently, after visiting a hotel on business I bathed with the hotel soap. It irritated my skin profusely… and I broke out in a fit of itchiness! Ugghhh!!! Well, I came home and invested in my oldies but goodies… Caress soap and actually used an off brand petroleum jelly. I have nothing but rave reviews for the petroleum jelly — wow, it soothed my skin like nothing else has. ANd I was so impressed, it has become my daily skin conditioner…


What works in one season may not work in another season. I absolutely loved Carol’s Daughter body washes and skin soufles (moisturizers) for the summer, but once my skin became irritated, it no longer did the job it had once done. Not that it is a bad product. But again, what works great for the summer does not work so good for the harshness of the winter season. It’s the same with makeup. The shade that’s absolutely beautiful in the summer has to be modified for the fall and winter to give me the absolute best result. In a nutshell, seasons change and so must we.


Routines and products that I vowed to never use are making an entrance again. Every other week, I do now use a sulfate-free shampoo even though at one point I vowed to never shampoo again and only conditioner wash. Well, co-washing is GREAT, but every now and then, my hair needs to be cleaned with a mild shampoo. I don’t know if it’s necessity or a feel-good. Either way, I revised that routine slightly and I think my hair thanks me for it.


Time is your friend on this natural hair journey. I recently two-strand twisted my hair all over in little twists (a total of about 70-80) and then learned how to create two new styles. Woooo hoooo!!!! I just kinda had that feeling that something had to give and I needed something new. First, I created an updo with the flat twists all over my head — I pulled them back and simply pinned them to my head.

Then, a day later, I pin-curled my hair all over and let it down and put a head band on my head. I created really tightly coiled curls all over….way cute and way different. Then, two days later, I put my hair into an afro puff with tightly coiled ringlet curls at the top. It’s the first time I’ve worn this since having my hair natural…talk about cool and really cute too!


Trust conventional wisdom on the journey. If enough people say natural hair responds well to moisture, trust this.  Now I do know that it varies according to your hair texture, but here’s my experience. I was in the shower recently and got my hair wet while in my afro puff style. The water did nothing at all to upset my curls — I mean nothing negative. Infact, the ringlet curls held perfectly and I just needed to allow my hair to dry. The water I believe was good for my hair and again, it did nothing to upset the curls at all. I didn’t have to re-twist or anything.  I just went to sleep and I awakened with beautiful coiled, curly hair. WOW!!!! The water did not hurt the curls, I think it helped and even refreshed them. I’d heard women say it before, but didn’t know about “my hair.” Again, trust conventional wisdom. Water, one form of moisture, is good for your natural hair. Take time to experiment and try new things and I believe your hair will reward you for it.

Infact, I take this as a life principle. Experiment…try some new things… you will be rewarded!!!

Happy Trails, natural divas and Merry Christmas!!!



  Kenya wrote @

very good advice!!! thanks girlie

  myownhair wrote @

You’re welcome girlie!

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