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Have you experienced anti-natural hair sentiment lately?

Nahbila Sonia Tutuwan Thames

I want to introduce you to another member of our FREE Natural Hair Seminar all-star styling panel that’s only days away.

 But first, here’s an example of why it’s important we host this seminar. A friend recently shared a hairstylist horror story with me. She visited a hairdresser who berated her for choosing to “go natural.” He talked on and on about how unattractive this “look” was and how much time it took for him to do her hair without chemicals.
Now, this wasn’t her regular stylist, but wow, does that much anti-natural hair sentiment still exist? And if so, why?  That is profound to me considering the playing field has changed. You can’t turn without seeing someone with natural hair (looking fabulous I might add.) But there are still hairdressers, and better to say, people, who don’t get it. The nerve of this stylist, who, is a big fan apparently of chemical relaxers and the more conservative “straightened” look. 
My friend took the diplomatic route, as she should have considering he was about to do her hair, but boy, do I want to ask him some questions… like, why does this straightened look appear more glamorous or “better” to you, and why should your opinion matter? Second, since it appears you are in favor of applying this chemical on women’s heads, how much do you know about long-term damage it can do, and do you educate women on the effects over a period of time?
For these reasons, I salute those stylists who encourage women to remain or go natural and take joy in creating styles. One lady, who’s been in the game a long time in Birmingham, will be coming out to share her expertise and years of experience. Nahbila “Sonia Tutuwan” Thames will be joining us as one of the stylists for our “Show and Tell” FREE natural hair seminar this Sunday at the Homewood Library starting at 3pm.
I asked Nahbila to share some tips on maximizing your natural beauty.
~What’s the greatest hairstyling challenge for women with natural hair?  I think the biggest challenge with regards to styling is first understanding the texture of their hair and its limitations (if any) and secondly having the time and patience to actually style it themselves (should they choose to).
~What advice do you give women when caring for their hair this time of year? They should focus on hot oil and deep conditioning treatments once a month (particularly if they wear their hair in loose styles like twist outs and presses). The reason for this is that the hair being loose dries out easily especially during the fall /winter seasons. Also using a light oil & or leave in conditioning spray 2-3 times a week is very helpful.
~You’ve been styling natural hair for years. Do you know why it seems so many women are moving in this direction now?
I think that finally, more and more women are accepting and embracing their natural God-given kinks & curls and are proudly celebrating it by wearing all these beautiful natural styles. In addition to that, there are more products available for all types & textures of hair.
~You created a line of natural products, what do you offer and how can women purchase these products? The Nahbila’s Essentials Product line was created by me years ago this month and was designed to meet the needs of natural hair, scalp & skin.
It can be purchased at the following locations:
  • Irresistible Hair & Lashes,  Walkers Chapel Rd, Fultondale Al
  • Organic Harvest (Hoover)
  • Scents for You (Roebuck)

 Thanks Nahbila and we look forward to having her out this Sunday at our FREE Natural Hair Seminar… it starts at 3pm!!! We’ll see you there!!!


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