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Four Days and Counting to FREE seminar

This Sunday, you get the opportunity to get a lot of free information at the FREE Natural Hair Seminar at the Homewood Library starting at 3pm. Space is limited, so please come on time!!!

In addition to a GREAT panel of natural hair stylists, we’ll add some extras from a husband/wife duo who’ll give tips on glamming up your makeup. Meet the founders of HAYAH Cosmetics, Darius and Meagan Peace… prepare to be inspired!!!

  • What inspired you and your husband to start a cosmetic line?Rewind a few years to my (MP) senior year in college. I had a
    promising career ahead of me and I was on the prowl for a good J-O-B.
    During that time we also learned that we were to expect the first addition to our family! I thought – No problem, I can handle that! After being
    rejected for EVERY position that I interviewed for I was crushed. Here I was about to graduate college, pregnant, with life responsibilities (mortgage, car note, etc) and my husband and I only had one income – his.After contemplating the offer to join another cosmetic business
    opportunity, I decided that I didn’t want to sell makeup to black women
    that wasn’t created with them as the inspiration. So with my husband’s
    years of expertise in the beauty industry, and my passion for art and beauty
    (I’m an artist and used makeup as a medium in many of my self-portraits, not to mention my love for makeup) we decided that we would do something about it!So not only were we expecting a new baby girl, but we also had a baby
    business in gestation…After more than a year of research and product development, we officially launched Hayah Cosmetics in Sept. 2007.

    How did you come up with the unique name Hayah? What does it represent for women today?

    Hayah is actually the name of our first daughter! While
    searching for names for the baby we came across the beautiful Hebrew word “Hayah” which means “I am.” The extended meaning is “I am, I was, I will always be…something good” – so profound, it is the summation of existence.

    For women today, Hayah is the “sum” of Self-Love and Holistic Success. First, with the powerful meaning of Hayah (I am) every  product in the Hayah collection has a positive and meaningful name, so whenever a woman wears Hayah, she can say “I am” something good. Secondly, through adorning and enhancing our natural beauty with beautiful natural-based products. And lastly, through the Hayah Business Owner Network…this is an exciting time for us as we enter our 3rd year in business. We’ve received local and national media coverage and are growing at a astounding rate! As we gear up for the Groundbreaking launch of our Phase Two National Expansion, we are looking to identify the next Phenomenal 15 women that are ready to expand their wealth thresholds and join the flourishing Hayah family tree as an Elite Consultant! What better way to embody Self-Love and Holistic Success, than to Master one’s physical, spiritual/emotional, and financial well-being!

    What important makeup tips will you give women who have natural hair?

    Hayah Cosmetics empowers women to look and feel their best. This is why we encourage women to add the finishing touch to their natural look, with the radiant, natural makeup provided by Hayah Cosmetics. For a completely natural, effortlessly beautiful look, keep it simple with the Hayah look! This includes Hayah’s Luxury Mineral Foundation, our fabulous Eye Define Eye-Liner, Lush Lash Mascara, and Luscious lip Gloss.

    Name one key to walking in natural beauty.

    Confidence is one of the remarkable offspring Self-Love. I encourage women to embark on that phenomenal path to truly understand the value and freedom that Self-Love brings. By actively practicing and mastering the power of the Love of Self, then we will not only change our lives, but the lives of others. And what better way to start than with the foundation (no pun intended =)) of Self-Love provided by Hayah Cosmetics!

Thanks Meagan and Darius!!! You can see and hear more of them at Sunday’s FREE Natural Hair Seminar — and you never know what you’ll get just for showing up!!!! Go to for more information on the seminar!!!

We’ll see you there!!!


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