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Why You Should Attend the Dec. 12 FREE Natural Hair Seminar

So…if you haven’t decided whether you’re coming to the December 12th FREE natural hair seminar starting at 3pm at the Homewood Library….let me give you a couple more reasons.

  • We’re putting free information into your hands on dealing with your own hair.
  • You have access to a panel of stylists for questions answered on styles and products.
  • You have a support network of women who are on the same path as you are.

More information is available at my Web site

If you’ve read any information on my blogs, you know I’m a big proponent of getting information on this journey. And if that’s not enough…it’s a story that’s now getting attention from mainstream media.


 If they’re paying attention, so should we. In the first report here, a journalist actually records her “BC” (big chop) on camera. That’s ground breaking because the industry heavily revolves around women conforming to the mainstream “look” or “model” and that normally involves straight, shoulder-length hair. So to have a television news reporter, who’s transparent about her natural hair  journey, bring the issue front and center to the industry is pretty awesome. As an African American woman, you should be proud.

Second, our local television station, FOX 6, made a decision to report on this story and give women some useful information on why it is a “healthy” decision for women to wear their natural hair without using chemical relaxers. Kudos to the local station and their management for detailing a story that so intricately and passionately affects women right now. I will personally write a letter of support to them for touching on the issue. Lend them your support as well. Take a look at these stories and be encouraged if you’re on the natural hair journey.

First, you’ll see the YouTube video, then followed by the FOX 6 story!!!! Enjoy!!!

YouTube video:

FOX 6 report:


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