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Fall Healthy Hair Tips

Cornrows under curly wig (protective style)

A head full of healthy hair is a beautiful thing. Women collectively spend millions on products trying to achieve it. December 12th, I’ll get three stylists together at the Homewood Public Library auditorium in a free natural hair seminar to give you tips and styling options for your natural hair ( 

But, there are simple things you can do to maintain “the look” in between salon visits. I borrowed these hair tips from a fellow natural hair diva Chris-Tia Donaldson, author of Thank God I’m Natural.

  1. Condition, condition, condition. Natural hair craves moisture; simply put, give it what it desires and it will thank you for it. I would add moisture to deep condition before you shampoo (I use olive oil and shea butter); also condition after shampooing or simply co-wash(I alternate shampooing/conditioning with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk duo and co-washing every other week); and add a leave-in conditioner too (using olive oil and shea butter here too). My conditioners of choice are olive oil and shea butter. For some reason, my hair absolutely loves both of these, but other oils I’ve liked and used include sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. All of these get a thumbs up from me.
  2. Keep your ends trimmed regularly. This advice goes any time of the year — and you should try to maintain a routine every two to four months. You can get instructions on to do it yourself or visit a professional stylist.
  3. Wear protective styles to protect your hair from the element and experiment. This could take the form of braids…flat twists…cornrows under a wig…updos… the list is just about endless. (I’ll share more and show you these protective styles later this week.)
  4. Cover tresses with silk scarves and headdresses. Make sure you keep this in mind especially when you sleep at night. Cotton sheets and pillowcases are not friends of your natural hair.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it puts you well on your way to a beautiful head of hair.

Happy Trails, natural divas!


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