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Save the Date — our FREE Seminar is ON!!!

October seminar

Here we grow again… our next FREE natural hair seminar is coming up next month and I am excited about some of the items we’ll be presenting! I need your support with this because we’re going somewhere. It will be held 3pm – 5pm Sunday, December 12th at the Homewood Library auditorium. We have space for 200 people — and it’s only first come, first serve, with no reservations!

I am so excited about this seminar!!! I heard your feedback and we’ll keep it simple with a “Show and Tell,” and with the holidays upon us, tips on how to glam up your natural look.

First, we’ll feature stylists who’ll give you tips on natural hair styles and actually show you some of their techniques. For those of you who, like me, enjoy styling your own hair, this will have a huge time-saving benefit and keep more money in your pocket, too. You’ll have an opportunity to not only see, but ask questions in a more interpersonal setting. Again, my desire is to put information into your hands and give you tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine!

Then, we’ll have Darius and Meagan Peace join, a husband and wife team who are the founders of  Hayah Cosmetics. Ladies I simply say get ready to be inspired…as they’ll talk about your natural beauty and give some makeup tips to take your natural look to the next level. Yes, we will give you tips and time to talk about your hair, but, I’m learning balance is the key in this natural game as you need to be open to products and accessories which create an overall fabulous look. Stay tuned for more from this fabulous couple!

In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE. Again, it’s December 12 at the Homewood Library auditorium, and it seats 200 people. There will be no reservations for this seminar, it’s only first come, first serve.  So I hope to see your face in the place… 

Let’s do this!!! 



  Katrina Merkerson wrote @

Great! I’m so excited. What can my friends and I do to help out?

  myownhair wrote @

Can you be there at 1pm and be extra hands as we set up? I’ll be there at 1pm…thank you SOOOO much !!!

  Katrina Merkerson wrote @

Sure! We will be there!

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