My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Let Me be Blunt for Just a Moment

I work as a communications spokesperson by day and a natural hair guru by night. I am a public face for the company that pays me, and not once, have I ever heard any flack regarding my latest hairstyle or choice to “go natural.” Kudos to my managers and leaders and the company for which I so gratefully work.

I realize I’m in a blessed situation, but I’m not deceived. I’ve heard the horror stories of women and men at various other corporations around this country — those who’ve endured blatant racism and discrimation because of their hair (style) choices. Amazing because it didn’t matter whether they were competant in their job, but someone didn’t like their choice of hair style. Specifically, someone may not have liked their hair style because it didn’t look like the status quo.

My simple word of encouragement to anyone who’s endured this is to keep the faith…somewhere, somehow someone will embrace the real you. Now, be wise about it, don’t jeopardize your ability to provide or earn a living by trying to “make a statement,”  just trust that the day will come when your natural roots will be embraced. Do what you need to do in the meantime; for women, that may mean wearing a wig over your small fro; if you’re a guy, maintain a low, cropped cut as opposed to sporting long dreads.

Now let me offer a balanced and blatant view here. I sympathize for the people who, with their natural hair, attempt to maintain a professional and well-groomed style in the workplace.  Natural hair can be just as professional, if not more, than your traditional hairstyles. (I know that some of you will take exception with that statement, but hey, this is my blog, so I can state my opinion…lol!)

I, by no means, am advocating an unkempt and unprofessional, roll out of the bed, barely combed or groomed coiffure. There are those who’ve used the term “natural” to get away with doing as little as professionally possible, but that’s not about a hairstyle, that’s about a person who doesn’t care to put their best professional face forward. Please understand the difference.

I’m hopeful that this is a new day. I firmly realize that others have paved the way for me to enjoy freedom and I thank them. And I fully intend to pave the way for even more naturalistas.

Happy Trails, natural divas!


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