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Latest flat iron style courtesy of Theo Garfield!

Amazing things happen when you step out on a God given dream or passion. As many of you know, encouraging women to embrace their natural God-given roots is my passion right now. God has allowed me to walk on this journey to encourage someone else to do it…and my Father knows me, I LIVE to be a blessing to someone else. I’m in awe at how He has chosen to do this. But there are times — life situations threaten to derail our passion and our purpose. Let me be transparent.

On this life journey, we encounter setbacks, disappointments and missteps. Others offend us or we even let others down. But I had a good conversation with a friend yesterday and boy, in her words, we’ve got to KEEP MOVING! You and I cannot afford to allow one incident to stop us on this journey called life. That hour you spend offended at your loved one or co-worker is an hour you’ll never get back… and rather than use it to be a blessing, when we walk in hurt or offense, we invoke a curse — or as Dr. Creflo Dollar explains, an empowerment to fail. Make no mistake, we may not see the fruit of our ways immediately, but, as the Bible promises, the harvest always comes after the seed is sown. Unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment always produce rotten fruit in our lives if we don’t expose it and repent of it. 

My encouragement to all of us, self included, let’s start sowing seeds of mercy, kindness, understanding, patience and generosity to others — especially when we feel others hurt us. If we really believe in God, we’ll trust HIM, not people, to give us a return on our good seed sown anyway.

You know what this all boils down to… a faulty foundation of love. I’m so tired of making personal missteps on this one — spending time annoyed at a co-worker, offended over someone’s behavior or neglect or holding a grudge because someone didn’t do what they said to or for me. Enough of this already. Enough. As if my destiny, or your destiny, really rests in someone else’s hands… No, we are to do as GOD commands us…and as Dr. and pastor Charles Stanley writes, obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.

Amazing, I was annoyed by a few things this week and I noticed that in some areas that I’m heavily leaning on God for guidance, it seemed He was silent in that area. But as I think about it, I don’t think it was God being silent at all… our heart, when filled with anything other than a pure love before God, can hinder our ability to hear and receive guidance. Not good.

I challenge you today, as we walk along this natural hair journey, take care of your outward tresses. But allow God to do a total and restorative heart cleansing so your true beauty radiates from the inside out. Confess what’s in your heart — the good, bad and ugly. Repent of it (turn away from it) and receive God’s mercy and grace to let it go for good.

Happy trails, natural divas!


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