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I Love My Hair

How cute and appropriate is this? With my¬†FREE hair seminar¬†just a day away, here’s Sesame Street’s take on I Love My Hair. I wish I could adopt it as my theme music…too cute!!!!

That’s why I will continue to support Public Television…

We’ll see you out tomorrow afternoon at the Homewood Library starting at 3pm. Remember seating is limited so come on time:)

Happy Trails, naturals!



  Katrina Merkerson wrote @

I absolutely love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I showed it to my little girl who is also natural and she loves it too! I can’t wait until the seminar on Sunday.

  myownhair wrote @

It is way tooo cute, isn’t it?

  Lydia wrote @

I think you should contact the powers that be, let them know your website’s title is “I Love My Hair” and see where it goes from there. . .you never know, maybe you and that little girl will be on TV doing a commercial or something. . .or better yet, you’ll get a spot on Sesame Street!! Now THAT would be way cool! C-ya tomorrow!!

  myownhair wrote @

Good point Lydia!!! I will just do that:)

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