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One local stylist is dedicated to educating his clientale on proper hair care. Meet Theo Garfield, one of the panelists at this coming Sunday’s FREE Natural Hair Seminar — “A Journey of Self Love: Let’s Talk About our Hair!”  It will be held from 3-5 pm Oct, 17 at the Homewood Library..

Theo, who will feature a hair styling demo at Sunday’s seminar, wants to educate you.

Who is Theo Garfield?  

I am a trained hairdresser and stylist who takes a scientific approach to understanding the longevity of proper hair care. I am passionate about educating individuals on how to care for their hair.

 I understand most of you clientale are those with natural hair? Is that intentional?

Yes… 90% have natural hair. If most women understood what’s in the chemical relaxer, they likely wouldn’t use it. It actually melts metal. If you do some research, too, you’ll see there’s been a dramatic decline in relaxer sales.

Is natural hair healthy hair, or is there a difference?

Natural hair is hair that’s not chemically treated or altered. Natural hair doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy hair — just ’cause hair’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

What’s your #1 hair care tip?

All hair has the ability to grow and be healthy. You need to be around someone who is involved in ongoing hair education.

Why are you taking part in this seminar? 

I want to enrich the lives of those in my community with education. I want to intercept the lack of education that seems to be generational regarding proper hair care.

You can reach Theo Garfield at (205) 930-4545 or

He’ll feature a live demo at the FREE natural hair seminar, which is Sunday, October 17th from 3-5pm at the Homewood Library!!!


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