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The founder of the group Natural Daze (on Facebook) is on a Natural Hair Journey. Kenya Goodson is a natural beauty who illustrates book smarts and cool confidence. Hear how she began this road and why she started Natural Daze for you!

 How did you begin this journey?

I did the big chop October 24 2009.

What’s your profession?

 I am a 5th year PhD student in Enviromental Engineering. Part of the reason I went natural was to save money on going to the salon since I had a limited budget.

What products do you use?

 We both know that all curly girls are different, but I have found that natural products work best on my hair: my staple products are shea butter, aloe vera gel and coconut oil.

What’s your hair care routine?

I wash my hair weekly. I twist my hair for about three or four days then I wear a twist-out for about three days. That is my usual routine, but I love to experiment on my hair from time to time. 

How would you encourage women to go natural?

 I always encourage women who are going natural, to research, research and research. Ask questions, do your homework! It makes the transition and the journey so wonderful!
One more thing,I started the Natural Daze group for naturals in our local and regional area as an informational and support group.

Thanks Kenya, and continued success on your natural hair journey!!!


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