My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

100% There

What a difference six months makes. I am no longer in transition with natural hair — I am THERE. Here’s what it will take for you to get there:

Time. There’s no substitute for it. I couldn’t pray the process move faster. I couldn’t press a button and speed it up or slow it down. You won’t be able to either. It took me a good year to deal with my hair type and understand how it responds to different products. Your time may be shorter or longer than that. It takes time and it is what it is.

Healthy Attitude. It will be a different experience seeing and touching and feeling your own hair, but remember, it’s what GOD gave you. Your hair is not bad because it’s extra curly or coily, it’s unique.

Experts. Find out who’s traveled this path already and ask them questions. Ask them what pitfalls to avoid. Don’t make the mistake of doing what I initially did and travel alone.

Realistic expectations. You may not have wavy hair. You may not have straight hair. And no matter how you try,  you may not have the curls or “the look” that some women tout after they use a product. I have curly hair, but it’s seldom that I wash and go and get picture perfect tresses. My hair responds much better to maneuvering after I shampoo it. Here’s what I mean… I normally shampoo my hair and then flat twist it using a combination of gel and mousse. I let it air dry, and I get a great result of curly/wavy hair. I found out recently, I can go a max of about two nights without re-twisting before it starts looking like it needs to be re-twisted. If I don’t re-twist it often enough, it will still have tiny curls, but also a very spongy look that I don’t like.

Encouragement. You will need encouragement on this journey because there will be days that your hair may not look its best as you discover your styling routine and methods. You may also need an adjustment period to get used to seeing your own hair in its natural state as opposed to the straightened hair we all came to know and love. Either way, read information on others who transitioned or call women you know and ask what they did on those tough days. I had a support group of 5 other women when I started and as I transitioned. Allow people to help you.

Get it?  Time + Healthy Attitude + Experts + Realistic Expectations + Encouragement = THERE!

Happy trails, naturals!


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