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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

You’re Invited !

We need to talk. As I’ve traveled on this natural hair journey, I hear countless stories of women who say they need information. It’s the simplest item, but it sometimes seems challenging to obtain. I was one of them, too — I craved information when I first started. So, to combat this problem, my solution finder brain went to work.

In just a few weeks, on Sunday, October 17th,  I’m hosting my first natural hair seminar. There is no charge — just simply stop by. I want to dialogue about the journey. I will sell you no products. I will not push anything on you. Other natural divas will join me and help put information in the hands of: those contemplating going natural, those who’ve just embarked on the journey and those who’ve been natural for a while.

We need to talk about which routines do and don’t work. We need to talk about the emotional aspect of going natural. We need to talk about “problem” areas concerning our own hair. We need to talk, and soon.

My heart is to help and I also need your support. Come out to the Homewood library from 3 – 5 pm Sunday, October 17th. I want to know what issues are on your heart. I want to encourage you. And I want to give you the insight and benefit of the knowledge of women at various steps in the journey. We’ll give it our best shot.

Others are joining me in helping to put this on. Stephanie, aka Queen Natural Beauty (, has gladly agreed to come and share her experience and journey in this natural hair game. She has been sporting a natural do for several years now. Then there’s another natural hair diva who’s been on this path for 20-plus years. Talk about encouragement!

I’m also open to your suggestions. What would you like to hear about? Let me know and look forward to seeing you out!!!



  Kim wrote @

Hi and thank you for blogging about your hair journey, I too started my hair journey back in March of 09 and I’m still in the process of finding the right products and styles for protection. Where will your meet up be, what address?????? Hope I can come.

  myownhair wrote @

We will meet at the Homewood Library starting at 3pm. Thanks for writing!!!

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