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A Few Steps to Gorgeous Hair

Here I go experimenting again! This week, I tried Carol’s Daughter curl defining Hair milk shampoo and conditioner. I was so excited to try this product and I must tell you, I am pleased with the initial results. As part of my overall styling routine, I noticed curlier hair than I have seen in a while.

Here’s what my routine involved:

  • Sunday night, I saturated my hair with a mixture of olive, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oil. I also added just a bit of unrefined shea butter — which my hair loves!  I covered my head and went to sleep.
  • I got up Monday morning, and mixed plain yogurt with an avocado and 1 egg and slathered richly onto my hair. I added a little more sweet almond oil. I then wet two hand towels and put them in the microwave. I placed the damp towels on my head followed by a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.
  • I rinsed out well with warm water then proceeded to use the Hair Milk shampoo. It gives my hair a good clean and one thing I can tell you, all Carol’s Daughter’s products accentuate my natural curl pattern. I lathered only once and rinsed…my hair felt clean, but not overly dry. I then put the conditioner on for about 5 minutes while a showered. Loved it!
  • Afterwards, I could see nice natural curls in my hair, but you know I had to proceed to comb and style…lol! I added olive oil and a moisturizing leave-in conditioner mixture I created, along with BB’s moisturizing foam wrapping lotion, then combed and detangled my hair.
  •  I proceeded to trim my ends as I flat twisted my hair. It desparately needed it because it was breaking off more than usual… I then used a Denman brush to smooth EcoStyler gel and BB’s moisturizing foam silk wrap onto my hair along with some olive oil. I finished this at 2pm Monday and by 7am Tuesday, my hair was all dry with no time under the dryer. Yay!!!

The results were fabulous! I noticed more curls and waves Tuesday morning than I have seen in a while. It had that freshly done tightly curled look which is all good. And two days later, my curls are holding in place with me having to do nothing but add olive oil and pull strands apart slightly. COOL!!! It’s amazing but as you go forward on this journey, much like our hair reacts when permed, I see some similarities with natural hairstyling. I can tell you when it’s time to get it done — it looks a little dull and more limp than usual. And it just glows when it’s freshly shampooed or co-washed. Amazing!

So again, thumbs up on Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk shampoo and conditioner. I will continue to use it over the next few weeks for a more thorough picture but initially, the results are gorgeous!



  Stephanie D wrote @

Well all of this explains why it took you all day to do your hair! It looks great though!

  myownhair wrote @

Yea I’d like to think so Stephanie!!! Thanks for stopping by….

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