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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

You’re Just One Decision Away

Someone asked me a question that I thought was pretty thought-provoking, Do you find that since you’re wearing your hair natural, you live an overall healthier lifestyle?” I paused for a moment and thought about it…and you know, that one decision has absolutely contributed to an overall healthier lifestyle for me.

I say healthier because I am much more willing to investigate all-natural products as alternatives. Prime example…I tried all natural honey as a facial mask and absolutely love the results. It left a moisturizing and firm hold while on, like other masks I’ve used. I kept it on for about a half hour and rinsed with cool water. I went to bed without applying anything else. It left my face supple and less oily than previous facials masks and I’m thoroughly impressed. (Thanks to my friend Tamala Savage for the tip!)

I’m an avid fan of Carol’s Daughter all natural hair and body products. I simply respect the fact that founder Lisa Price believes we can use simple, natural, quality ingredients for our body and skin. I will support that philosophy. I use Burt’s Bees products occassionally as well, including lotions, body and facial cleansers. I use ONLY natural oils to condition my hair, like olive, castor and sweet almond oil.

Now, a word of caution…I don’t believe in extremes. There are some common household names I use for shower gels, lotions, etc…but as a whole, I’m moving to a more natural, healthful lifestyle by incorporating some products and lifestyle changes.

I’m amazed at how many natural remedies solve common problems, but do your research, because what works for one may not work for another. I ALWAYS advocate wisdom before fads.

 I’m also amazed at the fact that one step…choosing to go natural… opened me up to a whole new world of opportunity.

What one step do you need to take to create opportunities for yourself? Why don’t you and I take some time to think about it today; I’ll bet the answer comes quickly.

I wish you a healthy life and Happy Trails, naturals!


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