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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Time for the next level

Wow… summer is just about behind us and fall is nearly here. A simple truth, but really a profound thought. Just step outside and watch for a few moments. The sun hides a little earlier… the calm breeze feels just a little cooler. A new day is on the horizon whether we like it or not. Change is here.

 With this new season, are you prepared to advance to the next level? It’s really that simple – just make a decision to do it. Think for just a few moments. What area of your life needs advancing? Where, or in what arena, has God been dealing with you? You already know the answer and now it’s just time to man up — no more excuses and no more procrastinating. Destiny awaits and it’s a decision away. Make up your mind.

I’m asking myself that very question right now — how can I provide greater help to those of you along this natural hair journey? How can I take this area to this next level? I’ll be really honest with you…I don’t know all the particular steps, but I have made a decision to move to the next level.

And I do know this about faith — we won’t know all the particulars, but God does ask us to make a decision. That’s done, so stay tuned.


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