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Apple cider vinegar

Recently, I created my own apple cider vinegar hair rinse treatment. It has several purposes. It heals and soothes the scalp, but also serves as an excellent cleansing agent. This is also supposed to restore shine to your hair.

Well, here are my observations. 

  • After this rinse, I had several people comment on how pretty my hair looked. 
  • It gave my hair a super clean feeling.
  • By the way, I rinsed with cold water (which is recommended) truly by accident. That is supposed to help seal the shine in your hair as well, which it definitely did for my hair. But that shine did seem short term.

All and all, it’s definitely worth trying again.  My only caution is that it seems too much of a good thing could be drying for the hair. Don’t know that I’d do this more than a couple of times a month even though some folks will recommend a couple of times a week. Please proceed with caution as slowly introducing something always works best in this game. Again, once a week or every two weeks, no problem. But I wouldn’t recommend going overboard too soon.

I’ve included a recipe for this rinse in the link just below. You can vary this a little. I included much less vinegar than recommended, about 2 tablespoons to 2 cups. I varied a little, but I didn’t want to go overboard with the apple cider vinegar. Have any of you ever used an apple cider rinse?

How to Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Treatment |



  Brenda wrote @

I’m not yet natural. Still relaxed but doing some research to make the transition. I occasionally use apple cider vinegar rinse to help control dandruff. It works!

  myownhair wrote @

Cool… didn’t use with my relaxer but I didn’t do a lot of research either to find out if I could. Hope you make the transition to natural hair. You won’t look back:)

  Sassncurlz wrote @

I have been wanting to try this out. The only thing that I would slightly change is (like you) I would use a little less ACV and I would use a plastic cap to cover my head instead of a towel (too harsh). I think that I may give it a shot!

  myownhair wrote @

I even want to try seemed to really produce a nice shine…but still know I have to be careful with the stripping natural of vinegar! Thanks for your comment:)

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