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A natural diva


Here’s a look at one natural hair diva – Christy Garrett! Every person who travels on this road will have a different path. Christy chose to big chop and is coming up on her three month anniversary! She’s the perfect mix of poise, beauty and inspiration for those needing a little encouragement on this path. Take a look.


Why did you decide to go natural?

 I decided to go natural because well, first, I have always wanted to but never had the guts to do it. Second, because I was faced with some difficulty and challenges and wanted to make a new start!

What’s your daily routine?

 My routine? Well I am actually quite a lazy bum, lol! I don’t do much in the morning. I touch up my curls with Mrs. Jessie’s baby or curly buttercream (depending on my mood) and a little water. I wash about once a week and co-wash in between.

How would you encourage other women thinking about going natural?

I have actually had many people to transition to natural as a result of my decision which I think is totally awesome. I had a girlfriend call me just last week and my cousin sent me a message yesterday saying that she was thinking about it. I love it and I am embracing the freedom that comes along with it…knowing that I am beautiful just the way God made me!!! Thanks for allowing me to share:)


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