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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Why you need a backup plan

It always pays to have a backup plan. With your natural hair, there will be days your hair “may” not cooperate as you’d like. I’ll give you a recent example. I started off with great spiral curls Sunday, but due to a humid environment, a good number of them frizzed out. Well, on these days, you need a Plan B, that is if you can’t deal with your hair in this state. I’ve told you many times before but my wigs have been my Plan B. Or, I always encourage you to keep plenty of bobby pins on hand or tucking combs. This is just something you will need to consider when going natural. You have to allow yourself time to learn your  new hair texture and time to learn to style your hair. Otherwise, you are inviting frustration in your life on this journey.

The good news is that as you move forward in this process, you will become more comfortable with your natural hair, even on those “not so perfect” days. I can say I am here now. There would have been a time early on I would have run for the first available wig — but not today. I am very comfortable with my natural hair. The end of the story is this… my hair basically frizzed out on Sunday because of the humidity, but it didn’t matter to me.  I allowed it to just “be.” I accept my hair, so that now means on those picture perfect days and times it’s not so perfect.

Now I must say that Iwill invest in another wig. Infact, my mother told me I needed to. This time though, it will be a wig that’s more closely resembles my hair in its natural state. I mean, I love my own hair and all, but everyone needs a backup!

This concludes my 5-step plan for you to go natural. The main point is this…it’s a major mind shift to go natural. The decision has to be made first and the rest will come easy.

Happy Trails naturals!


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