My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Give yourself time

Getting here has taken me some time.

Anytime we go through a transition, we must possess patience, for transitions demand our time. I wish I could tell you something different, but you already know it’s the truth. We can’t wish our way through the process or blink our eyes and arrive at 10 inches of long, luxurious natural hair or any other desired end. Ain’t gonna happen cap’n. The journey itself demands time. But it’s in the process of waiting that we learn some glorious lessons.

Think about it, even when you ended a relationship with someone you cared for, you couldn’t wish your feelings away or skip into 6 months later. No, you and I had to wait. We had to go through the process — at times sensing unpleasant emotions, adjusting to a new norm and re-learning to love ourselves. No amount of wishing can take the process away. Now, some arrive at this faster than others, but we must always allow time during transition.

With your new hair journey, it is the same. In my case, I’d permed my hair for nearly 30 years — more than 2/3 of my life. That’s all my hair had known and I can only imagine the unseen process my scalp, hair and roots endured. I didn’t know or recognize my own hair texture and frankly, I don’t think I wanted to at one point. I wished for something different, but I had to come to accept my own hair texture. But I will never forget the first day I really started touching my own hair, all I can say is that it was such a spiritual experience. I was so moved — a feeling beyond happy, but deeply grateful to God to be able to say, “Wow, this is the real me.”  I can proudly say today that I love my own hair. There is no hesitation, but remember, this has been a process. There were days I didn’t accept the real me at the start, but through honest evaluation and prayer, that has decidedly changed.

This is a new day. This is a new time. I won’t run from me. I accept me and all others who enter my space will have to do the same. My hair does not define me, but rather it is an extension of me.

It is a God given part…infact I’d say a work of art…that is me…and I proudly… display…what God has given me since the day…  I entered this earthly realm…My own hair is an extension of the real me… and I humbly embrace this new part that God has given me in the story book of my life. What a travesty, infact I’d say a real shame…to live this life and endure the pain… of never coming to know one’s true mane… Embrace your roots I say… and there will come a day…when you too will sing forth the praise of knowing what He gave … to you and no one else alone. Think about it… your hair is a designer’s original. No one else can say they possess what God has chosen to dress you with naturally. It’s enough to make me scream… ’cause I’m proudly wearing a work of art …everytime I part my hair and style what is the true me.

Embrace your roots…celebrate the true you… and come to a true place of  true hair peace…and live happily ever after…blissfully….

Happy trails, naturals!!!



  Tony wrote @

This is great Keisa, I love your style!

Tony Stallings

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks so much Tony! I really appreciate it…

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