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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Made

In this natural hair game, you must get connected. Who or what is that source that you turn to when you need information or have issues? Please let me encourage you to forget this lone ranger mentality, thinking you can handle this on your own. Well, first let me say…you can handle this on your own, if you’d like. But, there will likely come a day when you will need help. We all do. And I will say this, even if you don’t have a key person, at least have you a couple of good Web sites you can visit to get sound haircare information.

Here’s why I’m so passionate about this. I started off on the natural hair journey, as you’ve heard by now, by default. Call it a visit to the salon gone bad. Anyhoo… I didn’t reach out initially to get information, so as a result, I made some mistakes that cost me in the form of time and my own hair. Argggghhhh!!! I started wearing wigs to cover my scalp and let it heal. Great idea, right! Well, seemingly, but the only problem…I didn’t take care of my hair underneath. Oh sure, I would comb it back, but after a couple of months of wearing wigs, some portions would become tangled. Well, as I shampooed it, and the two textures met, it turned ugly in some parts. Areas of my hair became a tangled mess. I’m not sure what possessed me to wear a wig without putting my hair in a protective style…but again, I didn’t ask questions or go to anyone initially. I started out alone. So, first I went to the nightmare stylist who left the chemicals in and burned my scalp. Then I refused to put my hair in a proper protective style. So I ended up cutting mostly all of my hair off around my right and left temple and several places near the crown of my head. I don’t even think I had an inch left in some spots. So while I had long hair on my sides and in the back, I had an uneven mix of short hair in the front. Then it was sad, but today, it’s just plain funny. Believe me when I tell you it was a mess.  And here’s the kicker…I talked to a local natural stylist whome I’d visited shortly after my disaster and she told me she could have gotten the tangles out — no way!!! She said it would have taken time, but I didn’t have to cut my hair. I wanted to scream!!!

After my hair nightmare, my mom told me it would grow back in no time (ever the encourager…lol!) Well, a year later, I have several inches across the front of my head (praise Jesus…seriously I’m thankful), but I remember when. With patience, lots of TLC and good styling products and practices, my tresses are looking as healthy and as fab as ever. I share so you don’t make the same mistake. Get good info before hand and ask questions. It will save you some heartache and possibly even inches of your own hair.

Keep in mind, I didn’t big chop (BC) like some people. I just let the permed hair grow out and the natural hair grow in all while shampooing and braiding it in cornrows every two weeks. Sure the permed hair shed, but it wasn’t as drastic  as I thought it would be. In hindsight, I would have kept my hair trimmed every 6 weeks to 2 months while I was transitioning with the wig, but oh well, another of those, if I’d gotten the proper info…. As it turns out, I allowed a stylist to give me a trim about 6 months into it, which worked well. He even straightened my hair, and it looked great, but I really did not like the straightened look for some reason with my natural hair. Don’t understand why, I just know it didn’t work for me at the time.  And funny, after getting it straightened a few times back in March, I don’t straighten my hair at all anymore. I chose this route to allow my natural curl pattern to easily develop, and it did. I flat twist my hair almost nightly and it works great. I not only style my own hair but I trim too, both of which are super easy for me to do after tutorials on YouTube.

My third tip on going natural is simple — connect with an information source. And don’t be fooled into thinking that this has to be a stylist who works in a salon. Believe it or not, they may not be the best source of information for you.  That’s just a thought. Do your research. Ask questions, but most importantly, talk to or listen to someone who’s been where you want to go.

 Can I get a witness? Let the church say, amen.

Happy trails, naturals!


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