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Find a support group

Another key step in going natural is finding like-minded people — a support team is critical. People can help you along your journey. Infact, I say whether you’re deciding to take the plunge or you have done so already, talk with others who are on the same road. Here’s where the support group has proven most beneficial.

  • Let’s face it… we have all have bad hair days. Plus, any good decision we make — i.e. eradicating harsh chemicals from our hair styling ritual — will be met with opposition. Having a support team will help you persevere on those tough days. Plus, you’ll find one of two things will happen. Either you will find the strength, determination and perseverance to continue or you’ll quit. Your choice, but I’m so thankful God blessed me with a wonderful support system to get me through the transition. I wouldn’t dream of ever going back to a perm. I know what my hair likes, and I’ve experimented with and found styles that really work for me. Funny thing, I didn’t need the support team to be around forever…but just there in that trying transitional period.  
  • Your support team can also give you ideas or informational sources to help you on your journey. I would frequently ask a member of my team her recommendations on styles and hair-styling rituals. She gave me some really sound advice — it was up to me to experiment and take time to learn my hair’s like and needs, and no one else could do it for me. She said she took a couple of hours every Saturday and experimented with styles and products. Her styling ritual became so simple and because I took her advice, mine did as well. I have my daily styling routine down to a science, but it didn’t come without work and information. This was probably the most difficult part for me.
  • Another “challenge” you may find on this natural hair journey is learning which products you should use for your hair type. There are endless varieties, ranging from that which is very inexpensive to that which is pricey. Now, you have to choose the route which yields best results for you, because trust me, everyone has an opinion. I’ve found that some very inexpensive products work great (like VO5 conditioner for my co-wash, $1/bottle), and pricier items also help keep my hair looking gorgeous (like Carol’s Daughter purifying shampoo and conditioner, $25 collectively).

Remember to keep the faith and Happy Trails, naturals!



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I was JUST talking to someone about this today!!! 🙂

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