My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Let’s Do it!

I likely will not share anything with you that’s utterly deep but I just sense some of you are contemplating on this natural hair journey and you need just the right motivation to push you to do it. So here it is.

Step one on this journey is simple. Just make a firm decision to do it. Easier said than done because I realize that getting here is not as simple as saying it. People take this step in any process for granted. I am asking you to go one step deeper though – why do you want to go natural? Is it because you want to make healthier choices or do you want to try it as the latest fad? Why at this point in your life are you embarking on this and is it conducive to your current lifestyle? Would your decision cause any negative ramifications on your job or elsewhere and does it matter to you? What tools would you need to help you? This is the part that only you can do and it involves searching your soul. If this first step is not thought through adequately, you will not continue on the journey. That’s as blunt as I can put it. If your mind isn’t made up, you will waver. I made a decision and it made it easy to stay on course.

This phase will involve a little work like research. You’ll have to talk to people and get on the ‘net and read about the process. Read magazines and know the latest products out there.

That’s all — just make a decision to do and give plenty of thought to this before acting.



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