My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

A challenge or opportunity? It’s your choice.

Why is it that we despise any sort of challenge? They can come in any form — a broken relationship, an unexpected bill or diagnosed sickness. But we must keep in mind that every challenge presents an opportunity for a solution and promotion, or increase. Infact, even though it seems “no one knows the trouble I’ve been going through” (lol), chances are better than good that someone has already been through that problem and has a solution.

I was thinking as I was walking this morning about “why” I started doing my own hair. I took a suggestion from a friend to try out a new hair stylist. You know how that goes! This person loved the stylist and really thought this would be a good fit for me (you’d think I’d learned enough from the “other” suggestion a friend made about the hairstylist who left chemicals on my scalp, but that’s another story). I tried this stylist on that person’s whim, but never made it a point to ask myself what I wanted. I went to the stylist a couple of times, but never quite felt “at peace.”

Well, long story short, the last couple of times I’d called the stylist, it was apparent that person did not want to do my hair at all. Infact, it ended by him refusing to call me back after I requested an appointment. That stung, kinda, but little did I know it was an open door to one of the greatest opportunities that continues to produce such peace for me and hope for others.  I had cancelled out on a couple of appointments so maybe I already knew this wasn’t right.

By that person refusing to connect with me, it forced me to 1) depend on God and 2) dig deep inside to find out what talents, skills and drive that I possessed which helped me style my own hair. I don’t have to sit in a shop for five to eight hours anymore. I don’t have to worry about whether this person is using the right product anymore. I know that I’m giving my hair the very best shot I can and it thanks me for it continually.

But my point is — had it not been for the challenge, I’d not have the opportunity to share with you and increase my knowledge base and skill set. Make no mistake — rejection on any level doesn’t feel good (that’s the challenge), but the ability to care for and style my own hair has accelerated me to a level of confidence that I’ve never walked in (that’s the opportunity). And I can tell people are taking notice – they make positive comments regarding my hair all the time.

I was willing to take the risk and confront the challenge — the question I have is, are you?

Happy trails, naturals!


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