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I am a fan of Bronner Brothers Foam Moisturizing wrapping lotion. It is very affordable and left my hair with some really nice results. I actually purchased it from my local Dollar General for just over three bucks.

 Here are some other results of this product:

  • It left my flat twist out, my go to summer style, with lots of sheen.
  • It mixed rather well with my Eco Styler Olive oil gel. This foam wrapping lotion also contains olive oil. There was no build-up or flaking at all.
  • Adding this lotion with gel helped my hair dry much faster than applying gel alone. It normally takes two days for a twist set to dry with gel along. With this wrapping lotion, I completed it about lunch-time on Monday and it was all dry and ready to go on Tuesday morning. That’s miraculous for my tresses.

I know you may wonder why I’d use a wrapping lotion as opposed to a mousse or other product. To me, it seems the wrapping lotion is an equivalent to a mousse, but may not be as drying. It brings out my natural curl, sets it and dries really fast.¬† It definitely gets a thumbs up from me.



  Wendy D wrote @

I LIVE BY THIS STUFF!!! It smells so goooood!!! And everything you said about it is true. Go out and by it, you will be happy you did.

  Sherre wrote @

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sally’s has Eco Styling Gel on sale this month 32 oz for $3.49!

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