My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

My Reward

There is no greater feeling I get than knowing that someone on this natural hair journey moves from apprehension and fear to personal acceptance.  I heard one of my co-workers say today, “I love my own hair.” I could have jumped for joy! It’s been a journey and moving to personal acceptance is by no means an easy path, but it is soooooo rewarding.

First, like me, she started off shaking on this natural hair journey, but she was determined to hang in there. There were days she felt disappointed, discouraged and maybe even disillusioned as she worked to care for her natural tresses, but, she refused to quit.

So, hearing her utter these words today, I knew her persistence had finally paid off. It took weeks for both of us to get here. But once there, there’s no turning back! I work to care for my natural tresses because I want to be the best steward possible of what God has given me naturally. Then, I want to help you. I know the deep, personal satisfaction of seeing my own hair, which has been mis-labeled as “nappy” for years. I know the sheer joy of seeing the real me (my own hair) after beating it into submission almost three decades with harsh chemicals. And I know the utter amazement of experimenting with styles and products which bring out the best texture for your tresses.

Infact, I declare a new thing for my hair — not only do “I love my own hair” but “I have good hair.” And guess what? So do you…we’re just learning how to find styles and products which cause our tresses to put it’s best face forward. Once you give your hair a little TLC…I promise you…it will reward you just as hearing your testimonies rewards me! 

Have a great natural hair story? I’d love to hear it. 

Meanwhile, Happy Trails!


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