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True confessions from a Co-Wash Convert!

When I tell people I now almost exclusively conditioner wash my hair, the response I often get is …how does it clean your hair? You know, I’ve stumbled a couple of times trying to respond to this, but my future response will be, “Just try it.”

Conditioner washing my hair leaves more curls and waves than traditional shampooing.

All I know is that my hair, when I use my VO5 and hot water, comes clean and feels softened and I do not deal with an itchy scalp anymore (which was a big problem for me when using regular shampoos). It’s like trying to explain how a remote control works — I don’t really know how it works, I just want the television to change when I press it. You feel me?

Ok, for those of you who are still struggling with this whole idea of co-washing… read this testimonial from one friend who co-washed her own hair and her daughter’s hair. I think you’ll be able to tell how excited she is about this new discovery…lol!


Lesley Bruinton Keisa!! We’ve been co-washing for about three weeks now! L-O-V-E I-T!  Thanks for introducing me to the idea.

Me I’m so glad!!! What do you like about it?

Lesley For starters, my hair feels differently. It’s A LOT smoother. The first week, I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair.

Me Way cool!!! So glad, thanks for sharing…
Lesley Saleah’s hair is less tangled. I can pull a comb from root to tip after it’s been rinsed and towel dried.
Me Yessss!!!! Awesome.
Lesley a few snags here and there, but i could have NEVER done that before… when I “fix” her hair, it looks straight beneath the rubber band. before it always looked wavy…I could never pull it tight enough. She looks like a “big kid”…lol.


If you’re still wondering about co-washing, just give it a try. But I’ll warn you, you might not want to do a regular shampoo ever again.

Happy Trails, and thanks to my friend Lesley for letting me share her story!!!


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