My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

You are Free!

Independence Day is a timely holiday for a natural girl. Think about it, no matter where you are in the process, you are free and that’s reason to celebrate! You’re doing something that most people have not had the courage to do. Just taking the first steps is reason alone to be excited! We don’t often celebrate these small steps but in order to come into your full potential as a natural beauty, it is a necessary step along the way. Here’s why…


  • You are free from your chemical addiction. And on the count of three let’s all say amen! Relaxers, salon visits and lengthy stays at the hair dresser’s shop are no longer a part of your routine. You have more free time to do what matters most. Plus, you can rest assured that saying goodbye to chemical relaxers will have a healthier effect on your hair and scalp. Do the research on what that chemical contains and its effects… and it will have you thinking for a change. Anyone remember the documentary “Good Hair” by Chris Rock? Enough said.
  • You are free from the opinions of others. Not everyone will support your decision to go natural, but it’s all good. Some people are not comfortable with our own hair’s natural texture and others may simply think it’s not attractive. Either way, it’s still all good. Their opinion has nothing to do with your decision to be natural. Remember too, a support system is still vital.
  • You are free from misguided hair notions. I refuse to call my hair or anyone else’s hair “nappy.” I refuse to say I have “bad hair.” I refuse to look at my hair grade or texture as any less than someone else’s who appears to have a “better” texture — whatever that implies. I bought into the lies and stereotypes too long and thank God I’m free from misguided hair notions. Seriously.
  • You are free to embrace the real you. No more wondering what the real you looks like. I remember when it first dawned on me that I saw my “natural” hair…it was, as I described, a “spiritual” experience. I thought it was so awesome that I could see and touch and maneuver my own hair. It was so awesome, I have never forgotten it. That realization helps keep me on the tough days…sometimes it’s challenging on this road, but I will not go back to chemicals ever again.

So…on this Independence Day, let’s celebrate natural beauties because you are free!

Happy trails…


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