My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

A Word of Encouragement

Go ahead and prepare yourselves — we’re in an extreme season. Summer is the time that could make some natural beauties run for cover, especially during transition. But my word to you today is simply to hold on. Stand firm in your commitment and your reward will be great. Then, after you’ve done all of the mental back and forth, go to YouTube and get you some good alternative, low maintenance styles which will help you stand in the day of adversity (I couldn’t resist this biblical reference and my standard YouTube plug!).

Easy for me to say, you may think. One year since starting the journey, it’s easy for me to stand as cheerleader in this game encouraging you to cross the finish line. Well, it is, but not for reasons you may think. I’m pulling out the pom poms and the megaphone just as much for me as I am for you.

This is the first summer season on my natural journey wearing my own hair, so I will be tested on occassions just as you. Infact, I already have been. But I don’t have the option to turn back. I’ve burned the bridge on alternatives — wigs, perms, extensions and the like.  Now, here’s the balance. If I absolutely need a hair piece in an utter emergency, I have a plan. But I’ve determined that I can’t very well help you if I don’t practice what I preach daily with my own tresses. That’s not for everyone, but that is my stance.

At this time, I am absolutely digging the flat twist-out! This will be my summer style. I re-twist each night adding just a little Bronner Brothers setting lotion and each day I have soft spiral curls. I may add some castor or olive oil to my hair as well. I let it dry overnight and use flexirods to curl the ends. This style is working for me. I had used gel to set this flat twist style, but it seems that the product can cause flakes (not good). I remember reading in “Thank God I’m Natural” that less is more, so I think a good setting lotion or mousse and light oil is all I need to set this style.

What’s your favorite summer hairstyle? Write me or email me @ I’d love to see some pictures plus I’m always looking for new suggestions.

Don’t give up on your natural hair journey. Pray for grace to accept the real you — you’ve come too far to quit.


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