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Thumbs up for a product made right here at home!

Nahbila's Essentials

I’m often asked what product I use for my twist out style that I wear often. I have a couple I’ve tried — from mousses to gels — but my fave is a product created by a local couple — Kelvin and Nahbila Sonia Tutuwan Thames. They own a style shop in Fultondale. The product is part of the Nahbila’s Essentials lines and it’s called Aloe Peppermint Twisting gel. It works fabulous on my twist out style. It gives me a firm hold, but doesn’t leave my hair too stiff, either. 

It also has a nice fresh smell and goes on light. I can use this to set and style my hair after co-washing, but I can also use it daily to re-set my twists. I often touch up my twists daily to keep the style looking fresh (of course). I notice that the gel does not leave any heavy build up and mixes well should I use other products (like olive oil or unrefined shea butter) without flaking or leaving a buildup or any residue.

This is not the case for all styling gels. They are not all created equal! I have another gel that I use and it sets my hair beautifully, but can tend to leave a residue or flakes behind, especially if I use it to slick down my edges. This is not good. I admit I could be using too much as well. Any way, you have to find your styling product that works well for your hair. But this…. gets a thumbs up from me!


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