My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Another Breakthrough

The old me

15 months since my last relaxer… 3 months since unveiling my natural hair… and 3 days since I decided artificial hair has had its last “major” stance on my head. I love my own hair…after all…I blog about it. But with that statement comes a revelation — I must take daily ownership for its condition and care and not continually opt for a quick fix.

I recently went on a cruise to Cozumel…and thoroughly enjoyed it! But I also became very comfortable with wearing a hair piece (my wig). It was too easy to grab and go each morning without paying attention to or styling my own hair. Oh sure, the convenience was great… but it dawned on me I haven’t come this far to revert back to that which is easy. After I returned home from the cruise, I noticed it was still very easy to grab and go again… but on Saturday… I had an epiphany

Time’s up for daily wearing the wig. Enough. It’s finished. If I’m going to celebrate and embrace the natural tresses God gave me, I must do it consistently and not give up on those days it seems too hard.  This is not necessarily easy. Giving up a wig is a type of loss for me, even if it is just a loss of temporary convenience. But this is the price I’m willing to pay for the new and improved me. It costs, but getting back to the real me, though sometimes uncomfortable, is well worth the sacrifice.

Part of the challenge with my natural hair, is that I normally get the best style when I twist or braid and allow it to set for a few days. But this is not always feasible. Part of the growing process is learning how to make quick adjustments — from learning my go-to style… keeping a quick updo style on hand…making mid-day adjustments or corrections (yes, there will be days when the hair starts off great but the style reverts or doesn’t last due to some outside force and you need a backup plan) etc…  But this is called growth!!! I’ve learned to do research and ask others for help…and YouTube is one of my best buds (LOL!!!). Seriously. A wealth of information is on there.

The real me

So… though it seems I’ve grown by leaps and bounds…this latest revelation shows I still have work to do. Dealing with my natural hair may provide challenges on every end… but… the satisfaction of seeing the real me is a reward greater than I could have ever anticipated.

My heart is to encourage you on your journey. Give it time. Be patient. And hang in there.

Happy trails



  Dennis Martin wrote @

I think your real hair looks great. Stay with it!

  myownhair wrote @

Man, I really appreciate that! Thank you so much Dennis!

  Betty B. Ware wrote @


You’ve been such an inspiration to me. I’m grateful to you for showing me how to do the flat twist.

Last week (my second week without the weave) was very frustrating. This week I’m feeling much better about my hair.

Thank you for the words of encouragement this morning.

  myownhair wrote @

Betty…glad to help. I’m so excited for you along this transformative journey… just keep that new “attitude!” You’re doing great!!!

  teachermrw wrote @

Here via Thank God I’m Natural blog. I like the new look very much. 🙂

  myownhair wrote @

Wow…I really appreciate it. Thank you!!!

  myownhair wrote @

I never told you thanks for stopping by…I really appreciate it:)

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