My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

A Natural Connection

Call it one of those unexpected benefits… I notice that since my hair is natural…it is so easy now to talk with other women who are on this natural journey. We don’t require long background checks and are not at all apprehensive of one another but rather, appreciative of the opportunity to see someone traveling on this same road. You may have noticed this and not been able to determine why these “natural connections” are not only so refreshing, but I’d add needed. Here’s why:

It’s a road filled with utter joy, but at times you’ll feel bitter disappointment. Yes you are seeing your real God-given strands but you may struggle to accept your own hair texture and even wonder, “Why don’t I have that kind of hair?” I was explaining to a male friend of mine yesterday, who sports dreadlocks, that the natural hair journey for a woman is much different of that than a male. Our path normally uncovers uncomfortable and hidden emotions — from shame to anger about our own hair texture. And not all, but many of us go through a process of coming to accept our own hair texture.

The process involves  uncovering often buried feelings…and that’s why support is so critical. Just knowing someone else has shared or understands your path can create instant stress relief!  Come to think of it, that’s why I started this blog. I want to use this as a resource for women in Corporate America who are struggling with embracing their natural tresses for fear of what others think.

I know that I have progressed. In my career, I work as a spokeswoman. Well I was recently interviewed on camera and guess what — I debuted my natural hair for the first time!  That, ladies and gentleman, is called miraculous… I came from a broadcast news background which places a premium on hairstyles that conform to mainstream America. And I adjusted to this well. But my how things change!  Just months ago, I struggled to accept my own tresses, but today I can say with great joy — “I love my own hair!”

Making those natural connections was a key. You’ll hear me say it often, but my support system kept me on the straight and narrow, and that’s why I can share all I have with you today.

Happy trails naturals!


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