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Carol’s Daughter Product Review

Carol's Daughter

When it comes to products, I’m about as big a skeptic as they come. So many promises, but so little return on some of them. Well, I tried a popular line this weekend and am welllll pleased (did I emphasize this enough?). Carol’s Daughter introduced a new product called Rosemary Mint Purifying shampoo and conditioner. I actually ordered it through HSN (Home Shopping Network).  Here’s a quick rundown of my routine:

 I shampooed only once and I could immediately feel a difference. My hair was very soft and feel clean, but NOT stripped. I followed up with the conditioner and it had the same effect…it felt very good and I am well pleased with it.

I followed up with the Tui Hair Smoothie deep conditioning treatment. Smells great and felt like a lush drink for my hair. I concluded by adding the Hair Milk and Tui leave-in conditioner. I must add here that Hair Milk, which is one of her top sellers, is a little light for my hair, and doesn’t produce the curl definition that so many rave about. My thick hair needs a heavier product. I added olive oil and shea butter to my hair after combing it out. I flat twisted my hair by adding Olive Oil Eco Styler gel… The next time I do this, I won’t add as much product. I may leave out the shea butter or olive oil, or both.  I think I added a little too much product that I could see as I flat-twisted it.

And to think, I almost sent the Carol’s Daughter product back to HSN! Just know you’ll have to invest time, money and effort to get the perfect style. It can be frustrating for some people, but hang in there, the end result is so worth it… there’s nothing like finding the right product for your hair.  And hear me on this — just because some people say a product does not work for them, that may not be the case for you.

Have any of you ever tried Carol’s Daughter hair products? If so, let me know about your experience.

These products from Carol’s Daughter gets a Thumbs Up from me! Visit for more info.



  teachermrw wrote @

I recently purchased and tried the Black Vanilla Leave-In. It smells very nice, but did not detangle my hair – and I have fine-textured hair, btw – and it did not leave it soft. So, I most likely won’t be purchasing additional Carol’s Daughter products. I may try the leave-in on my brother. He’s more in the 3 hair-type category. So, it may work for him.

  myownhair wrote @

Good to know… I have another product or two that don’t work that great, so I definitely understand. Thanks for your feedback.

  myownhair wrote @

Yea, I hear you on that… not all of her products work. I have the Tui leave in and it smells nice and wets my hair, but don’t know how much of a significant impact it has…I don’t think much of one. Thanks for the feedback. Her shampoo…Purifying Rosemary Mint is still a fave, but that’s about all so far!

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