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From time to time, I get questions from others about problems, issues or challenges people encounter on their natural hair journey. I don’t profess to know all the answers, but I’m one mean researcher and connected to a lot of good people who don’t mind sharing advice. Case in point below. This question is from my co-worker and friend Betty Ware who graciously allowed me to share this.

  • The Question:  I’m set to have the weave taken out. My beautician is going to rod my hair. She said she would probably use gel on it. What suggestions do you have? Should we use gel or something else? Do you think I should get her to twist it before she rods it?  Thanks.

     The Answer: (after consulting with my natural hair support group)  We are of the opinion that she should use a mousse or setting lotion mixed with styling wax (for sheen) … Gel could be very hardening (for the rodded set).

If you have similar questions, I will be glad to assist you but I want to issue a word of caution here.  Take the information I give on this blog and research it out. Mine is only a suggested course of action — there are other ways to get your desired end.  Betty is a personal friend, so she knows I would not in any way give her information to compromise the well being of her crowning glory… so the caution is for those of you who don’t know me. I want to reassure you.

When enough people are saying the same thing, there’s a good chance there’s something truthful to it. Just know that I’m turning to a team of ladies who are well along in their natural hair care journey, but at no point can I guarantee any results. We are not professional beauticians (although I may argue with that point because many of us have learned to style our hair daily).  We’re just a group of ladies who love natural hair and want others to join us on an awesomely rewarding journey!

In our next Problem Solved segment next week… I’ll have advice for all of you mothers wanting good tips on natural hair care for your young daughters. Two ladies weighed in who are caring for their daughters’ hair, minus chemical relaxers. 

Happy trails… 



  Trisha Howard wrote @

Hi There!!!…I am still hanging in there with the natural hair journey. Last week, I had a tough time with my hair after washing it…It was difficult to detangle, style, etc…Yesterday when I ran out of my normal shampoo and used Suave almond and shea butter shampoo but to my surprise, my hair felt great and was not difficult to comb through at all…I also followed up with a Pantene relaxed and natural conditioner…The drugstore shampoo and conditioner worked better than the expensive ones that I have been using…Now I just have to master styling the hair with styles that last longer than a day…

  myownhair wrote @

Great that you are hanging in there! I find that expensive name brands don’t always equal quality. I actually use VO5 to co-wash once a week — that costs less than a dollar! I moisturize with natural oils like jojoba, coconut and olive oils… I alternate every 3-4 weeks with a purifying shampoo from Carol’s Daughter… and my hair loves this routine! It takes time to get the right routine for you…I applaud you for hanging in there.
Stop by anytime you need support…way to go!!!

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