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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

A New Attitude for a New Season

This natural hair journey has been anything but easy, but it is so rewarding. You may remember me saying this before. Today, someone told me that I have totally transformed myself from a year ago…from losing weight (about 20 pounds) to shedding my chemical relaxer and wigs.  They asked a rather interesting thing … has your attitude changed?

 At first I thought, good question. Second I thought, have I really changed my attitude? Then, it dawned on me — my attitude has most certainly changed. Infact, in order to to experience such a dramatic external transformation, I believe it must begin within. My eating habits have changed. My hair care and maintenance has too. I’ve taken responsibility for these items which are very personal to me.  I care about me and I make decisions daily which contribute to my overall health and well being.  My hair care system is no different.  Infact, some would say I’m downright meticulous in my routine — from gentle co-washing, to deep conditioning treatments and even extra care daily if needed to maintain “the look” I want to acheive.

I jokingly tell my close buddies (which includes you now), you can’t tell me I don’t have it going on now with my new natural do! I’m kidding, but then again, not really. My confidence has soared through the roof…and frankly, I don’t know that it has anything to do with the hairstyle.  I think the issue is about seeing the real me and allowing others to see me, without making excuses or altering what is my natural hair state.

There’s a boldness and freedom all wrapped in one thread and others can see it.  I’m excited about this new step I’ve taken and I’m doing something that only a small minority have been able to do. Tell me why I’ve been approached by more men in the past few months, than in the whole previous year! Yeah!!! I am excited about the journey and hope to encourage you whether you’re contemplating starting, are already underway or have been traveling for years.

Keep the faith, happy trails and I celebrate the new you … and me!



  Kenya wrote @

Hey Keisa!!!!
Loved your blog! It encompassed everything I have experienced about going natural and my thoughts about it. I was ready for something different when I decided to go natural, but I never thought beyond my wildest dreams where the journey would take me. I have gotten similar attention from men, but it includes white men. Never thought that would happen, and to be frankly honest, it has opened my mind to the possibility of dating/marrying someone out of my race.
When I hear people say, they have a hard time with their hair, it is puzzling to me. That is your natural hair that God gave you. But everyone cannot make the journey. All I can say is that it has given me an invaluable experience. Now I can encourage other women to do the same, because they see a beauty in me and confidence in myself
Thanks Keisa and keep blogging girl!!

  Sharifa Wip wrote @

I am enjoying reading your posts.
You are a model “transformer” and I hope that more women will take your model when dealing with their hair and their overall attitude. What you put in is what you get out. I can tell what my clients have been eating immediately when I look at their hair.
Taking the extra time to make sure things are done correctly will pay off in the end.

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks for your input Sharifa! I know I still have a ways to go:)

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