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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Hair Care Notes

 I wanted to share some additional hair care notes from my own hair care routine to help all of you thinking about transitioning to natural hair. 

  • I will co-wash almost exclusively. I recently used an old shampoo favorite with sulfates in it and it really dried my hair. I did this because I wanted to get a really good clean for my tresses after conditioner washing for weeks. My thought is that it would get rid of product build-up. I even mixed the old staple shampoo with a teaspoon of castor oil (which is likely a no no and I won’t do that again). Even still, in the days following, I can tell my hair is drier and less manageable so I’m literally having to nurse it back to softness. I will toss it out so I won’t be tempted to use the last little bit — LOL!


Unrefined shea butter, water spritzer, and castor, olive and coconut oils


  • I also tried the Mizani sulfate-free shampoo (True Textures) along with my staple shampoo. After this, I decided I will no longer use the staple which has a very drying effect; jury’s still out on Mizani, but I’m not overly thrilled about it. I realize I may have to try it a couple of times alone, which I will do WHEN I choose to shampoo. Again, I will almost exclusively co-wash my hair at least once a week, perhaps twice weekly. My hair just feels better when I do.
  • I add mousse or gel and unrefined shea butter to wet hair after co-washing for initial twist out sets. I find this sets the waves better and causes them to hold. To re-set each night, I refresh my hair with a home-made mixture of  mainly water, with about a tablespoon each added of VO5 conditioner, along with castor, coconut, olive and jojoba oils and a few drops of pure lavender. All of these oils and emolients keep my dense, thick hair really soft. If you have finer hair, the thick rich conditioners may not work. For me, these thick conditioners are the ONLY things that work. I also add a little mousse and shea butter each night to re-twist and flexirod.You can use your own gauge of whether you’d like to add additional mousse or product to your hair.

These are another hair staple for me. The curls produced by these are unmatched.


  • Experiment. Keep in mind instead of mousse… a gel, pomade or other leave-in product may work better for you. You have to find what’s right for you. I also bought a gel from a friend who’s been a natural stylist for years. It has all natural ingredients and this product is great to add on my dry hair, when I want to re-twist it. I also follow up by spraying my home-made moisture mixture and it works really good. I am pleased with the results. I can also use this gel for initially setting my twists.
  • I NEVER comb out curls. I ONLY finger style my hair now. I generally ONLY comb my hair out with conditioner washes. My friend who’s a natural hair stylist, also recommended you comb your hair when you shampoo. I find my hair is so manageable after conditioner washes and has little/no tangles so I can maneuver easily with my hands.
  • Celebrate small victories. Sure there’s a lot more you have to learn — more styles, more products and more info. But take time to celebrate where you are right now on the journey. Take it in in small bites. We often forget, this is not an overnight process.
  • Be gentle and patient with your tresses and they will reward you. I have to remember this. My goodness, I have come a long way. I am wearing my natural hair on this very day in an updo, with twists across the front and feel no apprehension whatsoever about what people think. That is progress for me through the grace of God. God has gifted me to do my own hair with my own hands, and I thank Him for that. I am making peace with what is truly me. I have gotten so excited in the past, I wanted to do everything at once… but we must slow down and enjoy what is now. Don’t try to do everything all at once… if you find a style or routine that works, park there for a little while and enjoy the scenery. Try it for the next couple of months. Then, move on after you’ve fully explored and perfected. I was in a habit of trying to do a style/method each weekend and let me tell you, this is a source of frustration. Slow down and exhale. Feel better?
  • If you need it, get some help. I’ve drafted my mom as my back-up stylist. She can help twist or braid my hair on those days I don’t want to, plus I don’t have to wait excessive hours.

Most importantly — have fun! You’re embarking on something that some can only dream of doing.  

Happy trails



  Sharifa Wip wrote @

You are awesome! Again, you are the model transformer.
I just have a little feedback for you based off this last post. It is just my opinion…
-If you are trying to wash all of the product out of your hair, try a tea tree shampoo. It will wash your sins away, but it tends to be drying. So, I would only use this if I felt that I had a huge amount of buildup and wanted a true cleaning. On the downside, tea tree tends to be drying so I would be sure to follow up with a strong conditioning.
-In my humble opinion, you wash your hair too much. We talked about washing at the workshop. Your hair produces natural oils and washing it twice a week will never allow the oils to coat your hair in the manner it should. If you use products that are less waxy you may not have as much buildup and not feel that you need to wash as often.
-When you hair is wet, it is at its most vulnerable state. You are encouraged to comb your hair out before you wash and that will cut down on the post wash tangles.
-Adding water to your hair daily will dry your hair out. If you are using shea butter for your styling, you will not need to add water to reset. Plus, water and shea do not mix so it will not really help. Sonia makes a great “gel” that is great for twist outs and will not dry your hair out or cause flakes.
When I go for a retwist, I get a wash/condition and retwist with Sonia’s gel. When it is time for my touch up, I use shea butter. It softens me up all over again. In between I am sure to moisturize my hair and scalp.

These are just my opinions and I hope you are not offended that I have shared them with you.
Take care!!

  myownhair wrote @

Sharifa…I love the feedback and having been in this world for just a year…am looking for all the right techniques I can get. I would like for you to regularly comment since you have been in this game a while…and would actually like for you to be one of my subject matter experts to offer advice or styling options… that’s no major obligation, but I may be leaning on you from time to time to get ideas and suggestions. Thanks for your input…

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