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I need some (hair) peace, II

I love my own hair.” I say this to myself often and it’s amazing how much peace and acceptance it has yielded.

Going back to a perm is not an option for me, but it’s on tough days I really question — is choosing to go all natural — with no straightening, blow drying, or flat ironing — really right, especially headed into the summer ? I have a deep desire to preserve my hair closest to its natural state, but is that just too extreme? I only want to twist or flexirod my hair and preferably let it dry naturally. I will sit under a dryer only when needed. I know it’s radical, but after years of harsh chemicals and other agents, I want to care for it as much as possible.

These are the decisions and days that likely hinder some women from taking this step along the road of natural hair. Again, going natural is not for the faint of heart. But, I’m not a quitter either. As I think about this too, I must understand that my beauty cannot, and will not be defined simply by my hair or hair grade. On this very day, I am dressed from head to toe in a nice brown two piece suit. I look very professional. I’ve just placed way too much emphasis on my hair, or have I?

Plus, working in corporate America, I am mindful that I want my hair to be an asset, not a hindrance to my daily work? At my company, there are a number of women who have natural hairstyles, even afros. Now, I’m not ready for the fro at work, but I do want to work with my natural hair minus weaves and extensions. I just believe what God gave us is the best thing to use. Now, there are occassional days I’m quick to break out my spare wig. But, it will no longer be an everyday staple for me.

I guess you can tell I am in the process of gauging what is right for me. I’ve got to get still and listen to the still small voice on the inside and go the way of peace. No one else can make this decision for me. As I talked to one of my co-workers, she shared that I must do what’s right, or feels right, for me. And when I say “feels” I’m referencing that which yields piece. I’m of the opinion that it has to be a careful balance of creative expression and professional etiquette. After all, I’m mindful that they hired me based on my former more conservative image, and I do respect that. But I also know there’s a part of me that’s tired of being hid. I have to believe God for the wisdom, or what I’ll call, hair peace.

Your thoughts?



  I.S. – Keri Williams wrote @

Honey u hit the nail on the head – hair peace! That is my quest…accepting/appreciating/loving me as HE designed me….Finding inner peace that this world cannot touch. Part of that comes from accepting, loving, and appreciating what and who I am in my most natural sense.

I’m 9 months into my transition and I have done a partial BC. I usually have a ponytail, which is my staple hairstyle natural or not, but it works well since I’m experimenting with hairstyles. When it goes wrong, it’s still long enough to pull in a ponytail (thankfully). However, I have a few more inches of perm and I’m thinking of cutting it off. But, then I have to commit, ya know? There will not be a ponytail to “save” me.

My wedding is coming up in August and friends tried to get me to buy weave or a wig, but that’ll be defeatist. Why cover up what I’m working so hard to love? So, I’m on a quest for sophisticated natural hairstyles for my wedding.

We can do this!!!!

Checkout: and


  myownhair wrote @

Thank you Keri! I agree…no covering up for your wedding… glad to hear and get support from you… I’ll keep following and thanks for the web sites…
Yes, we can do this!!!

  Nigel wrote @

I think that your work will speak for itself. So many times we get caught up in our appearance. I believe that corporate America has taken a turn and now understands that they must adapt to the changing times especially if they want to take advantage of talented people.

I think you should follow your GUT instinct. Appearance is one thing, it’s your quality of work that will sustain you.

  myownhair wrote @

Good comment Nigel. I do think that my work overall is the most important thing… so many women are going natural. It’s no longer a fad for a few, but it’s now the new trend. Even more women will be going there…
Thanks for the comment.

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