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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

I need some (hair) peace!

If you ever wonder why a support system is key along this journey…here’s case in point. I was discouraged after one of my at-home experiments went awry… 
         MY EMAIL:
  Got a little frustrated today… my hair fluffed out and didn’t maintain many waves in the front after yesterday. I re-twisted last night, took it down and re-twisted it again this morning because I put the side and back up. Could I be maneuvering too much? I thought if I just went to sleep on it, it would flatten out. Help!!! (then, I may just have to start going to a hairdresser ’cause I’m spending way too much time on my own hair)  
 Yours truly, I need some (hair) peace, aka Keisa


Stay strong!!!!!

There are two options:

a)      You know in advance that you want to wear your hair up, the night before, sprits with water (enough to brush sides and back in position).  Brush through hair with knotty brush to detangle.  Apply styling product that smoothes (Kinky Curly or whatever your preference).  Brush with hard boar’s hair brush.  Tie scarf around as tightly as you can stand and sleep on it.  Hair should be sticking out the top of tied down area.  Front and top of hair: either wet and apply curly styling product or roll with flexi rods.

b)      You decide at the moment, you want an up do… sprits with water (enough to brush sides and back in position).  Apply styling product that smoothes (Kinky Curly or whatever your preference). Brush with hard boar’s hair brush.  Tie scarf around as tightly as you can stand.  Leave scarf on as long as possible ( to your designation if possible).  Top and front of hair:  consider pinning in position like pin curl or standing pin curl.  Maybe even dry roll with sponge roller. 

Unfortunately, you are going to have to  invest some time into your hair.  The amount of time and money spent (wasted) at a hair salon will add up to tremendous savings once you come up with a couple of  “go to” styles.  You should only need the salon for color and trims.  Routine maintenance and styling can be achieved only with time spent and patience.  The frustration you are feeling with be greatly relieved in the long run.  You may have to become a true product junkie until you find the right stuff.  You may have to create your own concoction.  Do your due diligence now for your reward of a care free, fabulous and money in your pocket future.  Did you get any tips from the workshop Sunday that you may be able to use? 

Keep the end in mind. (End of response)


As you travel on this natural hair journey, I think you, like me, are well able to recognize utter frustration. I wrote this note to my girl group after getting just a little tired of working with my do. As I read it, I’m not even sure it makes total sense. The gist is that I have my hair today in an updo, but maneuvered the front to the degree that it now has few noticeable waves.

I need some hair peace!  Monday, my twist out was nearly perfect, but one day later, I’m wondering what gives and what I did wrong. Am I doing too much? Do I not have enough product on it? I’d considered talking to a natural hair stylist, but this is just what I need. My support system coached me through this ordeal. 



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