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Lessons Learned from “Embrace Your Roots” Natural Hair workshop

As I travel along this natural hair journey, information has been critical for me. I have searched high on low to find out about styles and hair treatment rituals. I am not shy about asking people for help, or searching the internet for that which I need. I believe that Birmingham is right on the verge of a natural hair explosion (even more than what we’ve already seen) but I’m concerned about whether we have enough stylists to accomodate. Hopefully that will change, but hats off to those taking first steps to help with this.

I attended the “Embrace Your Roots” natural hair workshop this weekend at the Embassy Suites. These are the 5 take-away lessons from that meeting, which I also used as an opportunity to fellowship with like minds regarding this area:

  • Find a stylist who is passionate. A passionate stylist will research and perfect their craft, translating to healthier hair and a happier client.
  • It is ok to do your own hair, just make sure you do your own research. You be able to separate truth from fiction. No one else can do this for you. Plus, form a relationship with a stylist who can help answer questions or guide you in those tough areas of your personal hair care.
  • Know what products work and which don’t. For instance, avoid those with alcohol, which dries natural hair. But, do add natural oils to your hairstyling routine as these are light and add incredible sheen.
  • There is a difference between dreadlocs, locs and Sisterlocks. Know what this is and be informed about what this involves if you’re interested. And, be choosy about a stylist – not all are created equal.
  • Natural hair care is here to stay. Infact, consider becoming a stylist because the clientale will continue to grow. The market is here, now we need to figure out how we’ll serve them.

Special thanks to Sharifa Wip, Nahbila and Kelvin Thames, Niqi from Naturally Yours and others who helped coordinate it. Please, keep these coming!



  Sharifa Wip wrote @

Education is the key. You cannot believe everything you hear. It is kind of like church and the Bible. You listen to what the Pastor says, and then you go and study for yourself.
Kudos to you for branching out and trying something new. You have the strength and courage to make this transition almost completely on your own. You have done a wonderful job thus far and know that I am always a call, text, facebook or block (smile) away.
My blog and website are coming soon
Sharifa Wip

  myownhair wrote @

Sharifa…I totally agree. I’m looking forward to the blog and website. I think we need more people like you keeping us informed on this natural hair process. Know too that I am here to help. Thanks again…for a great job with the workshop!!!

  Mary wrote @

Hello, would you please tell me if you all travel to do this workshop. I would like to have it as part of the Houston natural hair show in December 2K11.

  myownhair wrote @

Wow, let’s talk about it… I am open… I will call you again today…

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